Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Strategies


Allies vs Empire

The Allies are a well balanced force in Red Alert 3. A strength of the Allied forces is clearly their air superiority. One strategy is that of the Vindicator rush. With the ability to build these aircraft very early in the game, rushing to build an airfield as soon as possible and blitzkrieg-ing your enemies is a sure recipe for a early victory. This is really a when facing the empire as their early anti air defenses are weak at best. This strategy is not as useful against the soviets. This make sure you don’t fully neglect land defenses because you never want to leave your base fully undefended. Also make sure your opponent hasn’t snuck a nano-core to the sea where he/she starts building a secret navy base that will grow and challenge and haunt you in the future.

One more thing to be aware of is that the Empire will attack your Prospectors with the Jet Tengu and its transforming features.

Allies vs Soviets

The Soviet advantage lies with their early vehicles, the Terror Drone and the Sickle. The Terror Drone has the ability to cripple your economy for a measly 500 credits, by disabling or destroying your Prospectors. The key to countering this is walling in the path between your refineries and their respective ore nodes. Sickles can be devastating to your infantry. machine guns and the Flea Jump. If you are intending to use infantry, never bunch them up and use the Scatter (X) key when necessary.

It must be noted that air sorties with Vindicators are not an efficient way to deal early-game strikes against a Soviet opponent due to the early availability of Flak Troopers and Bullfrogs.

One strategy that is effective is to produce 2 multi-gunners and put an engineer into each of them. These vehicles then become “mobile repair units”. Always produce at least 2, not just one, as they can then repair each other. 5 Guardian Tanks, 2 Engineers-Multi-Gunners, 3 Rocket Troops into a Multi-Gunner. This group of 10 can be used to rush an enemy base. The Guardian Tanks will form up front, and take the hits while the repair carts will keep repairing them. (Similar to the Starcraft Terran strategy of Marines+Medics)

There are many things to be aware of when fighting the soviets kirovs, Natasha, V4, MiGs, magnetic satellites and the worst part the huge numbers of Apocalypse tanks.

Allies vs Both

The Chronosphere can be used as a directly offensive weapon – you can use it to destroy enemy land units by teleporting them into the water, or naval units by teleporting them onto land. Amphibious can be destroyed by teleporting them into buildings.

A highly efficient way to apply pressure on an opponent early in the game is to load a Riptide ACV with 5 Javelin Troopers, or two such Riptides if your economy allows it. The Riptide can handle a few Infantry, while the Javelins can take out buildings and vehicles (remember to watch out for Sickles if facing a Soviet enemy!). Focus on production structures and Ore Refineries. Coupled with 2 or more Multigunner IFVs (possibly with Peacekeepers inside), this force may be enough to cripple the opponent for the remainder of the game. Don’t forget to replenish your forces, as necessary.

If the initial strike fails, assess the impact of your attack. If your opponent will take some time to recover, try again. Otherwise, quickly reach Heightened Clearance and use Guardian Tanks in combination with a similar force mentioned above.

As mentioned before, the Allies possess a well balanced force with some exceptional examples. The Peacekeeper is arguably the best “grunt” unit of the three factions, the Hydrofoil is undeniably the best ground-to-air unit, with the added bonus of the weapon jammer. The Mirage Tank, though the weakest Tier 3 tank in the game, is the cheapest, and the easiest to conceal.

Top Secret Protocols

The surgical strike works great on units, but poorly on structures. If the computer repairs its’ structures, or against a human opponent, don’t waste the surgical strike on a building unless it’s already hanging by a thread. It is much more useful taking out an anti-air structure or heavy tank.

The time bomb cannot be placed directly on top of a structure or unit, unlike air strikes or satellite blasts. It is a chronosphere-transported unit itself, and must be placed in the space between buildings and units. It is also vulnerable to being targeted and destroyed by enemy units, so beware of placing it beside an offensive force run by the computer. A human opponent may not react in time to attack with their units, but the computer is pretty good about it.

The Chrono Chasm is both an offensive and defensive power. On one hand, it can be used to stall an attacking force if timed and placed correctly (though, the Cryoshot is more effective for this as you can destroy the frozen units easily). It can also be used to disable your own structures in the most dire emergencies. On the other hand, it can be used to stop the countdown on enemy superweapons, disable closely grouped power plants or a Super Reactor, or to phase out any defensive structures preventing you from disrupting your opponents economy.


Soviets vs Empire

An extremely effective way of going against the Empire is to use your airforce or an Apocalypse tank rush, using the air force for an early attack. First set up base defences to prevent a navy attack from the rising sun. Build some akulas supported by stingrays an make them patrol the area of the sea. Then make about twenty twinblades. Twinblades are very effective at hit and run. As they shoot rockets first. Don’t forget to escort them with mig-fighters as jet tengus may be around. do hit and run from the twinblades and destroy their base. If you want put some infantry in the twinblades.

If you plan to do a late attack an apocalypse rush would be extremely effective. If the opponent has strong defences , make a few V4 rocket launchers. then after destroying the defences destroy their base. Once again don’t forget to escort them with mig-fighters as the chopper vx is very effective in numbers to destroy tanks. You can build an Iron curtain and a Vacuum Imploder to aid you.

If the empire employed more nanocores use magnetic satellite on their conyard to suck up as many nanocores as you can.

Soviets vs Allies

One strategy is to overwhelm with Conscripts. Conscripts are dirt cheap ($100) and so you can produce a lot of them. For example, $4000 might only product 2~3 tanks but will produce 40 Conscripts. Put as many as you can into as many buildings as you can. If most of the enemy’s attacking units are dead and mostly buildings are left, switch the Conscripts to the Molotov Cocktails and have them tear up a base. This wo’n be so effectiive much later as they would build good defences.

You can even make a few dreadnoughts supported by akula submarines as the allied navy is good for nothing and pathetic. But watch out for attacks from the sky as the allied airforce is the best of quality. So escort them with at least six mig-fighters. Then destroy their base. If you have an Iron curtain, use it on your dreadnoughts. If you do this use the dreadnought’s special ability as no damage would be taken.

Soviets vs Both

Soviet build orders for different strategies tend to fall into two categories: Crane build orders and non-Crane build orders. Crane build orders are best on large maps where you have more time before your opponent attacks you; they start off by building a Crusher Crane, then building up your base fairly normally. The downside the Crane build order is that you are extremely vulnerable due to both spending money on a crane and spending money twice as quickly as you normally would on buildings, leaving you with less credits to build units for your defence. The upside is that, in the long run, you will likely expand and tech faster than your opponent.

Non-crane build orders are less risky, and generally start off with a barracks for scouting bears and engineers, then a power plant, refinery or refineries, and a war factory, although for an air/engie rush the war factory is instead replaced with a super reactor, then an airfield to build twinblades. War factory build orders are less risky and more versatile than airfield build orders, as you can build units faster as well as rush your opponent with terror drones and sickles faster.

A common multiplayer strategy is to attempt to sneak Terror Drones behind the opponent’s base and infect their ore collectors. In the case of Imperial ore collectors which are armed, two drones can be used – one to lock down the collector with its special ability while the other infects it. Players often attempt to counter this by walling in the short path between the refinery and the ore mine – either with a wall structure or by using other buildings.

If fighting a Soviet foe be careful of the following things: Magnetic Satellites, Apocalypse Tanks, Natasha, Twinblades and Kirovs.

Top Secret Protocols

  • Magnetic Satellite: upgrades in this order: Magnetic Satellite, Super MS, Ultra MS- a magnetic satellite that sucks up any enemy vehicles in the area. The area gets progressively larger and longer lasting as you upgrade the satellite. Useful for clearing choke points of enemy vehicles and preventing nanocores from exiting a conyard.
  • Orbital Dump: sends a bunch of space junk crashing down to Earth. does little damage. useful against small groups of enemy infantry. Orbital Dump returns 1 or 2 vehicles you caught in a Magnetic Satellite attack.
  • Orbital Drop: sends a satellite crashing down to the Earth along with any vehicles caught from the Magnetic Satellite. More powerful than Orbital Dump.
  • Orbital Downpour: sends an entire space station crashing down onto the Earth along with any vehicles caught with the Magnetic Satellite. Capable of destroying enemy forces and some structures.


The Empire of the Rising Sun has some of the most flexible units and strategies in the game, able to counteract many of the tactics that opponents will throw at them. Though their early and mid game units costs more than their counterparts, they aren’t all that durable. The Empire makes up for this through their superior ability to expand, their transforming units, and their superior navy.

General Strategies

  • Superior Scouting. The Burst Drone can scout much more effectively than the Soviet War Bear and the Allied Attack Dog, as they hover over the battlefield. The Soviets build their structures on the field, so you will have a general idea on what kind of units they are planning to produce.
  • Counter. Plan a strategy early on, but keep your forces flexible enough to incorporate any changes. If you want to take to the seas with Tsunami Tanks, back them up with sufficient anti-air and anti-infantry, a great choice would be the Mecha/Jet Tengu.
  • Expand early. One of the main strengths of the Empire is its Nano Core technology. You can send a Refinery Core to further expansions while you keep the enemy pressured with your forces.
  • Mix it up! Imperial units have a relatively high cost because of their flexibility. If you spam Mecha/Jet Tengus, the opponent will simply counter with their tanks such as Hammer Tanks and Bullfrogs. But if you mix it up with Tankbusters and Imperial Warriors, you’re more capable in dealing with threats from the air and the ground, including both infantry and armor.


The Soviet War Machine has access to the toughest vehicles and aircraft in the game, and the best way to succeed against the Soviets is to exploit the weaknesses of their units. Going head to head is not advised, but rather employ a series of assaults that will wither down the opponent. Use your flexibility to attack the Soviets from all sides. Tankbusters are a favorite unit against the Soviets, while Imperial Warriors are vastly superior when facing Conscripts. Always keep a safe amount of credits to counter the Soviet strategy. Picture your forces as glass cannons; it is definitely not wise to battle with attrition against the Soviets.

  • Soviet units are restricted mainly by mobility. Attack from the seas or the air, as their units aren’t as flexible.
  • Don’t be afraid to engage a battle if you have to – as long as the cost to their economy outweighs yours, that’s an advantage you can afford.
  • Soviets have no way of repairing their vehicles without Crusher Cranes, so guerilla tactics against their armor early to mid game is important.


The Allied forces have arguably the best airforce and the most versatile units in the game, and the best way to succeed against the Allies is to keep them pressured and guessing. Always start off by producing Mecha/Jet Tengu to keep the Allied air at bay, as it is a favorite strategy against the Empire. Always look out for the special abilities of Allied units, as they have the most devastating.

  • The Imperial navy is vastly superior to the Allied fleet, take to the seas whenever possible, but remember to back your forces up with anti-air.
  • The Empire does not need a Construction Yard to churn out higher tier units unlike the Allies. Don’t hesitate to move your MCV if your base or your Nano Cores can be threatened.
  • The Allies tech up slower than the Empire. Utilize this by forcing them to produce lower tier units by either rushing or harassing their economy or base.
  • The Allied navy is considered much weaker when going head to head with the Empire. They will rely primarily on their air force for support. Mecha/Jet Tengus and Sea/Sky Wings are valuable in assisting your superior naval forces.


The victor of a mirror is determined primarily on who does the basic strategies better. Keeping map control is the most effective way in dealing against other Empire opponents. Don’t be afraid to allow them to expand, if you’re focusing on teching, or vice versa. Throw everything you have at your advantage, while exploiting their disadvantages.

  • Map control is invaluable. Keep the opponent guessing on what you’re planning.
  • Utilize your flexibility above your opponent. If they’re taking advantage of their expansions, don’t be afraid to put stress on their main base. As long as you have the pressure on them, you’re guaranteed to win.
  • Victory by speed. Don’t hesitate in your actions. If you’re going to send in forces, make sure you’ve prepared beforehand to take out their Burst Drones, or have the appropriate units to follow up.

Advanced Tactics

  • Empire units tend to get promoted to General status faster than Allied and Soviet units. Use this to your advantage, as well as a reminder to do your best in keeping your forces alive. General units often decide the outcome of a battle, so don’t be afraid to harass the enemy and retreat, keeping them in their spot as well as taking out one or two with your fast, flexible units.
  • Emphasize your superior expansion abilities. Allies and Soviets tend to send Bears and Dogs to neutral structures to prevent your engineers from capturing them. Don’t be afraid to send Dojo Cores early on (even before your first Refinery Cores), and garrison the nearby structures. Send out Defender VXs to cover your opponents base expansions if you can afford to. Spread your structures out, but make sure you’re able to defend them, as it will take a longer time if you’re being stressed from an attacking force.
  • Yuriko Omega is undoubtedly one of the best units in the game, and her advantages over the Allied and Soviet commandos make her one of the favorite units. She can take out aircraft unlike Tanya or Natasha, and with decent micro, an Empire player can juggle between 4 to 6 Apocalypse Tanks in the air, effectively taking them out of the battle.

ive just got my hands on this game. although the graphics are not as good as i expected but seems like a good game to play with. so here’s some basic strategy to help a noob like me to get started. i got this from this site.. navigate through from the main page here:

C&C: RED ALERT 3 Strategy at Wiki

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