Keep Your Phone Away From Your Groin For Better Battery Life

Woman and guys with belt-holsters had it right—it’s better to keep your phone away from your body.

The NYT quotes the editor of Battery University as saying cellphone batteries last longer if they’re kept cooler. Cooler, as in not at your body temperature. So, if you’re really running low on juice during the day, get a holster or a purse. Plus, you should probably keep your junk cool and away from your cellphone if you ever want to have kids either. It’s win/win.

There are other tips such as shoving a wet phone in rice, putting a car alarm fob up to your chin and freezing a broken hard drive we’ve seen before, but head on over if you need a refresher.


not sure if i can agree with this.. how much longer will it go? wouldn’t do it for just a couple of hours then.. this enhances the chance of the phone being stolen.. but anyhow this is a good suggestion. the idea is there.

Another great post from Gizmodo


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