STi Releases Limited Edition S204 (600 units available)

On December 19th, Subaru Technica International (STi), Subaru’s high performance tuner, announced the release of the “S204.” The S204 edition of the Subaru Impreza WRX STi will be available for sale nationwide (in Japan ONLY) starting Janurary 13th and only 600 units will be produced.

The S204 is the answer to enthusiasts’ desires for a sporty, performance sedan under the Subaru name. Handling is going to be the main selling point for this version of the WRX STi, but in addition to better handling there will be more power. This power will be produced by a large-sized twin scroll ball bearing turbo and Titanium muffler. The turbocharged motor is going to be specially tuned to reach the engines full torque capabilites.

Enthusiasts can also expect improved chassis performance and feel through the installation of specially-designed high rigidity leather seats (black and grey), pillow-ball rear suspension links, and a thicker diameter rear stabilizer bar. In addition, the S204 will sport rare, BBS aluminum, lightweight, forged 18 x 8.5 rims.

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The vehicle’s exterior will fearture a carbon front underskirt and skirtlip for improved aerodynamic efficiency. The rear of the car will have a unique spoiler that is more efficient that the standard STi wing.


S204 Details – Chassis

The S204 is designed to compete with other upper-class sports cars from countries around the world. As a “pure sport sedan” its underlying philosophy is efficiency. Its preceding model, the S203 received high approval ratings from enthusiasts around the globe, but Subaru made further refinements to appeal even more to its loyal performance enthusiasts. The S204 was repeatedly tested on courses in Germany and England where the roads are very fast and winding. The suspension of the S204 was designed to perform exceptionally well on all road surfaces.


The Impreza model line has always been known to have very agile handling characteristics. Impreza vehicles give the driver the ability to feel the road, as if in constant communication with the car and road.

Yamaha and STi worked together to develop a performance damper that improves handling immediately from the moment a driver turns in, through the turn, and at their exit.

imageAlso the spring rate was strengthened by 50%. The inverted struts are more responsive while maintaining ride quality. The rear sway bar’s diameter has been increased to provide increased resistance to body roll. The rear suspension links utilize pillow ball joints to compliment the rear sway bar.

image imageS204 Details – Tires, Wheels, & Brakes
Tires and Wheels

Similar to the S203, the S204 comes standard with super high performance tires by Pirelli, the P ZERO’s. In addition to the performance benefits they offer, these particular tires are durable, resist abrasion, and work effectively at combating all the various road surfaces in Europe. These tires come mounted on lightweight, Aluminum Forged BBS wheels in size 18 x 8.5.


The braking system includes an outer ventilation type brake rotor. Since the hat is on the outside of the rotor, wobble behavior due to thermal deformation during prolonged performance driving is decreased. In addition, high quality brake pads are used to give the brakes improved bite on the rotor. This high flow design also provides additional resistance to brake fade.

imageS204 Details – Powerplant

The S204 also uses a twin scroll turbo design like its predecessor, the S203. The turbo diameter in the S204 has been enlarged, and the turbine blade configuration has been altered to smooth out acceleration.

imageThe engine itself has not been radically altered, but rather smaller, more precise alterations have been made. The internal weight balance of the engine has been adjusted and peak torque has also been increased.

imageThe silicon rubber intact duct and air duct hose has been strengthened to resist heat. Intake inhalation efficiency has been improved by the fact that the hose does not deform due to heat.

imageThe exhaust system features a low back pressure Titanium muffler. Also installed is high flow catalytic converter. These two devices are very lightweight. The ECU on the S204 has also been specially tuned to control boost, producing the optimum amount of power.

imageS204 Details – Interior

The whole interior is designed with the idea of driving being the highest priority. The overall color scheme is black and grey. Black was used on much of the instrument panel. The speedometer maxes out at 260 KPH. In addition, to keep the cabin noise levels low, special matting is used in the floor carpeting.

imageThe lightweight bucket seats were developed in Germany and feature a two piece design. This allows the driver and passenger to still be able to recline the seats to a desired position. Inspired by WRC rally seats, the carbon design is rigid, but will not fatigue the body even on long road trips. The surface features a special padding that is both comfortable and supportive. Synthetic leather is used on the sides, to add a touch of class.

imageEven though the sound dampening material under the carpet adds about 3kg of weight, the designers felt that it was fitting for the premium characteristics of the S204.

S204 Details – Exterior & Aerodynamics

The team at STI spent hours upon hours in the wind tunnel designing the best aerodynamic upgrades for the S204.  The carbon front underskirt generates increased down force on the front end of the car, improving high speed stability.

imageThe rear spoiler is a new design never before used on previous Imprezas.  It is mounted lower and closer to the rear of the trunk. This also provides increased down force on the rear of the car, assisting with traction at rear wheels.

imageThe car also sports an eye-catching S204 logo on the front grille.


here goes the review.. damn i love this car. dream on… price tag = RM275k.. very much unlikely for me.. article stolen from HSPN!


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