C&C Red Alert 3: Soviets Campaign

i have just completed my RED ALERT 3 Soviets Campaign on my beloved XBOX360. it was rather easy i guess, despite this being my first attempt of RTS genre on console. with the soviets, i love to use the twinblade. coupled the migs, they terrorized fast and violently.. at times those anti-air units distrupts my assault. so i put in those tesla trooper. and that was quite sufficient to start my invasion. with help from other units, it becomes a lot easier..


“twinblade inspection ready”


“migs ready to fight”


“tesla troopers”

through out the game, i was assisted by this sexy dasha. whenever she talks, delivering infos, i would listen to her but my concentration was mere 40%. the rest was concentrated somewhere else. u should play the game to really understand where the focus was lost. ivana milicevic.


Intelligence Officer Dasha Fedorovich

Dasha Fedorovich is the Soviet Intelligence officer in the game. She performs essentially the same function as the Allies’ Lt. Eva and the Empire’s Suki Toyama. Her loyalty is with the commander, proven when Premier Cherdenko goes mad and attempts to kill the commander. She is perhaps the firmest believer in communism on the Soviet side, in the Allied campaign she actually considered the Soviets invading New York liberators. In the end of the Russian Campaign she toasts the commander on his election to Premier.

She returns in Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising as the new Soviet Leader.[1]

In uprising, Dasha is a respected leader commanding the resistance forces of the Soviet Union who is only a shadow of its previous glory. Dasha and the Russian Commander together sever the influential corruption of President Rupert Thornley. When proven triumphant by destroying the Future Tech Harmonizer, the Allies leader leave alone the Reds and Dasha at their command. She proclaims in the soviet ending that they will begin to rebuild the greatest USSR

Dasha Fedorovich is portrayed by Ivana Milicevic.

got this from Wikipedia.


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