Decoding Symbols of Windows Mobile Devices


While working on your Windows Mobile device, a strange symbol that you have never seen before suddenly popped up on your screen. What does that pointy triangle even mean? Or the capital letter E. And the manual is nowhere near my house, it’s probably in a landfill somewhere afar.

Symbol Icons Description

Omnia Status Icons

Symbol Icons Description

Omnia Network Status Icons

Do not panick, CareAce is here to care for your Samsung WM needs! And that is not just a cheesy comment. We have compiled a couple of charts with both the symbols and it’s descriptions nicely arranged in a table, just for moments like this. Here goes:
There are also some questions regarding the 4 most common letter that appear in a WM device’s Taskbar: “H”, “3G”, “E” and “G”. Some are explained in the chart above. Here’s the break down:

  • H – 3.5G Network
  • 3G – 3G Network (3.5G allows speed up to 3.5MB but usually average around 1MB~1.5MB.
  • E – Edge Network
  • G – GPRS Network



here begins the journey with my brand new samsung i900 omnia. here’s the symbol that encountered when using this omnia. there’s a lot more i believe. these are general Windows Mobile symbols. got this from CareAce.


2 responses to “Decoding Symbols of Windows Mobile Devices

    • the current windows phone uses a different symbols for the phone. perhaps some may still be the same. u need to look for the latest info on this. the that i posted was for windows mobile 6.

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