Omnia Tips and Tricks


While you may have purchased an 8GB or 16GB Samsung Omnia, you may not know that there are actually two internal storage spaces in your device with the primary storage space having only 90MB in memory. By default, any files that you have downloaded or received from a friend will be automatically stored in the “My Document” folder that is on your internal storage.

There is a way to set that default location to your SD card by disguising the “My Document” folder. For this procedure, you will need a Registry editor to make some basic changes to the registry. Now here are the steps to accomplish the disguise:

  1. On your registry editor, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager\Profiles\SDMemory
  2. Under the Value Name ‘Folder’, change the key to ‘My Documents’
  3. Now go to your File Explorer and rename your ‘My Document’ to something else (i.e.  Omnia’s Document)
  4. Disguise is done! Now you can reset your device.
  5. Finally, re-sync your Samsung Omnia.
  6. Open up File Explorer and look for the folder ‘My Document’. You should see a SD Card icon next to the folder.

From now on, everything you download or receive (i.e. through Bluetooth) will be stored in the ‘My Document’ folder in your SD Card. Enjoy the wide open space! 


one of the best tips i found.. but i have yet to do anything on my beloved omnia.. still slowly learning. i will start modification once i know inside out of my phone.. got this from CareAce again.
for more tips, do take a look at this blog.. it compiles a lot about omnia.. see
Omnia/GPS/XBOX360 Fanboy Manila.


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