Which YDL 6.1 DVD do I download?

I have used the YDL 6.1 for quite few months already. i notice its quite slow in comparison with normal pc. although i do expect it to be slow, with only 256MB of ram available, but not this slow. the loading was ok. but after half hour using it, i can start to notice significant slowdown in opening and navigating through the system. i do not know why. surfing was that bad as well. i can surf much faster with my old pentium 3 desktop. so i read up forums. googled here and there.. and  found a way to boost its performance. vram swap. sadly my version of ydl6.1 does not support vram swap. although i have the latest version, but it does not support an older application.. but it was my fault after all.. i should have read before i downloaded and installed that version. so i downloaded the older version and installed that on my PS3 again. so far the performance is quite good. but this time i customized what to be installed during setup. so it consumes less space on my hdd and i don’t have to install unnecessary programs.

for now i have started with some simple configurations. i’ve got the resolution to full screen mode, viewing at 1080p. then i have enabled the vram swap. ive just realized that i did not install any desktop environment. i did not install gnome or kde. just enlightenment. and i can’t explore my files. need to get the one of this environments to run. perhaps xfce or fluxbox will do. will do this tonight maybe. next the repos. unlike windows, YDL6.1 requires repositories available to them to find suitable installers. so i have to install the repos first.next i will have to make viewing youtube available as well. that will also be as part of making the video vailable on the system. my aim for now is vlc.

article below is to explain on which iso to be downloaded. got this from Fixstars.

to be updated later..

Which YDL 6.1 DVD do I download?
If you are downloading and installing YDL 6.1, you may have noticed that there are two ISOs available on ydl.net and on the public mirrors:
  • yellowdog-6.1-ppc-DVD_20081119.iso
  • yellowdog-6.1-ppc-DVD_20090201_NEW_PS3.iso
Download this DVD if:
  • You are installing on a newer PS3 model. This includes the 80GB PS3 (Model Number 98015 and later) and the 160GB PS3 (Model Number 900006 and later).

This ISO contains a patch for a boot issue on the newer model PS3.

Download this DVD if one of the following conditions is true:

  • You are installing on a supported device other than a PS3
  • You are installing on a earlier model PS3. This includes PS3s with Model Numbers preceding the 80GB PS3 (Model Number 98015) and the 160GB PS3 (Model Number 900006).
This ISO does not include the boot issue patch and is compatible the older model PS3s.

If in doubt…
If you are not sure of your PS3 model number, we recommend downloading the yellowdog-6.1-ppc-DVD_20081119.iso. If you encounter an issue where you are unable to boot into YDL, download the other ISO (yellowdog-6.1-ppc-DVD_20090201_NEW_PS3.iso).

This HOWTO was written by Bonnie Gosler, Fixstars Solutions.