Yellow Dog Linux 6.1 First-Start Guide

Here’s my guide for Yellow Dog Linux 6.1 on Playstation 3. This guide is for my personal use and might be useful to those trying to get to know the system.

Yellow Dog Linux 6.1 First-Start Guide

Fixing the screen resolution


  1. open terminal
  2. su –
  3. password
  4. nano -w /etc/yaboot.conf
  5. find: video=ps3fb:mode:3 rhgb
  6. change: 3–> 133
  7. Exit: Ctrl+X
  8. Save changes: Yes
  9. reboot

Enabling vram swap for faster performance


  1. open terminal
  2. su –
  3. password
  4. cd /etc/init.d
  5. wget
  6. chmod 755 ps3-vram-swap
  7. chkconfig –add ps3-vram-swap
  8. chkconfig ps3-vram-swap on
  9. service ps3-vram-swap start
  10. exit
  11. confirm ps3vram is being used as swap. su –
  12. password
  13. swapon -s
  14. output should be:

Filename                      Type                Size                 Used    Priority

/dev/ps3da3                 partition           522104            12196  -1

/dev/mtdblock0           partition           241656            0          1

Installing repos


  • open terminal
  • su –
  • password
  • open text editor: gedit
  • copy to gedit:


name=Fedora Extras






exclude=finch pidgin libpurple libpurple-perl libpurple-tcl pidgin-perl \

libpurple-devel finch-devel pidgin-devel libsmi libsmi-devel oddjob  \

pyxdg lzo lzo-devel cvsps convmv nautilus-open-terminal gtk+ gtk+-devel \

perl-Pod-Escapes netlabel_tools freeglut-devel freeglut perl-Pod-Simple \

perl-PAR-Dist perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder keyutils-libs keyutils \

keyutils-libs-devel gnash scribus splint scribus-devel perl-YAML \

perl-Pod-Coverage conman gnash-plugin libibverbs oddjob-libs libhugetlbfs \

libibverbs-utils libibverbs-devel oddjob-devel asciidoc perl-Error exim \

glib tla mesa-libGLw mesa-libGLw-devel exim-doc hatari sblim-testsuite \

perl-Module-Build help2man perl-Test-Pod libmthca-devel libmthca git \

git-cvs git-gui git-svn git-arch git-email gitk perl-Git meanwhile-doc \

meanwhile-devel meanwhile Canna exim-mon perl-Test-Pod-Coverage glib-devel \

lsscsi sabayon-apply sabayon sblim-cmpi-devel sblim-wbemcli \

sblim-cmpi-base-test sblim-cmpi-base-devel sblim-cmpi-base aide ddd \

Canna-devel liberation-fonts Canna-libs mod_nss imlib2-devel imlib2 \

gstreamer-python openvpn qt4 qt4-postgresql qt4-odbc qt4-mysql qt4-devel \

qt4-sqlite qt4-doc blas-devel blas lapack lapack-devel \

perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS python-imaging-devel python-imaging \

python-setuptools gdk-pixbuf-devel gdk-pixbuf python-iniparse \

cyrus-imapd-utils cyrus-imapd-perl cyrus-imapd-devel cyrus-imapd \

yum-cron apmud

  • save as: /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-extras.repo
  • copy to gedit:


name=Livna for Fedora Core 6 – ppc – Base








  • save as: /etc/yum.repos.d/livna-stable.repo
  • copy to gedit:


name=Dribble for Fedora 7 – ppc





  • save as: /etc/yum.repos.d/dribble.repo
  • install protectbase. this will prevent any repositories other than yellowdog-updates from replacing files from your yellowdog-base.repo when you update.
  • yum install yum-protectbase
  • echo ‘protect=1’ >> /etc/yum.repos.d/yellowdog-base.repo
  • echo ‘protect=1’ >> /etc/yum.repos.d/yellowdog-updates.repo
  • confirm repos being properly set: yum repolist
  • output result:
repo id repo name status
base Yellow Dog Linux 6 Base enabled
dribble Dribble for Fedora 7 – ppc enabled
extras Yellow Dog Linux 6 Extras enabled
fedora-extras Fedora Extras enabled
livna-stable Fedora Compatible Packages (st enabled
updates Yellow Dog Linux 6 Updates enabled
  • exit

Faster, smoother Windows Manager

Instead of using Gnome, KDE or Enlightenment, there is another simpler WM available. Use XFCE. The display is boring and simple. But what’s more important is gaining more and more speed.

  1. system — add remove program
  2. desktop environment, tick XFCE
  3. apply
  4. reboot
  5. change session: XFCE
  6. login

Video and Youtube

To view most videos, we shall use vlc. As for youtube viewing, vlc shall be embedded as our video player.

  1. system – add remove program
  2. search – vlc
  3. choose vlc-mozilla-plugin, vlc player
  4. install
  5. start firefox
  6. download greasemonkey:
  7. restart firefox
  8. open vlctube and install:
  9. restart firefox

5 responses to “Yellow Dog Linux 6.1 First-Start Guide

  1. i was wondering …….ive tried inputting commands in the terminal…….when i finish a line of the command what do i do …press enter? sorry if this is a totally dumb question…please reply

    • yup.. enter
      have u tried that?
      sorry for the late reply. just came back from my hometown celebrating eid ul-fitr with family..

  2. this does not work for the media player how do i get to the add remove programs nothing i try to do works please help i just want to ply vidios

    • have u tried installing vlc?
      open terminal. try this code: yum install vlc

      the add remove programs will be the same as package manager in ydl. u can either use this to install programs or use terminal by typing codes like the above one.

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