Unhappy Tevez says ‘goodbye’ to United

Argentina forward Carlos Tevez admitted he expects to leave Manchester United in the summer.

The on-loan 25-year-old feels he has not been treated as ”one of the family” at Old Trafford and claims the club have made no attempt to sign him long term – but insisted he wants to stay in England. He told the News of the World: ”I am very sad about this but I guess what I’m saying is goodbye.

”I don’t think I will be a Manchester United player next season. I have done everything I possibly can but they have never made me an offer or given me a contract so I have to leave.

”I think I will be at another club next season. I have not been treated as a member of the family. I do not feel wanted. I feel bad over my situation, I do, but it’s very, very difficult to stay any longer.

”The fans treat me like family but United have not signed me so they do not respect me as a footballer.”

Tevez feels his form has been good this season but has been frustrated at not being considered a first-team regular by Sir Alex Ferguson. ”Things have changed dramatically this season,” he said. ”I was dropped – yet I didn’t perform badly. Sir Alex never gave me an explanation but I never asked him for one because it is not in my character.

”I accepted it but maybe Sir Alex didn’t feel the same way about me. Maybe he didn’t have confidence in me any more.”

Tevez stressed he was settled in England and would have no qualms about joining one of United’s big rivals. He said: ”It’s not true my family are unhappy in England. It’s not true I want to leave England for Spain. My four-year-old daughter Florencia is learning English and my wife is very happy living in England.

”We want to stay. I want to play in England because it is the best League in the world and it suits my style.

”Any club I join, whether it be Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool or Everton, will be a rival of Manchester United. I would like to thank the United fans for their support. They will always have a special place in my heart.

”If I was a United fan I wouldn’t want to see their player in any other shirt but I think they will accept I’ve done everything I can.”

by the time i read this, there’s already 277 comments on that page. a mix of opinions. mostly are comparing him to 37mil berbatov. as for me, i believe that he’s one of the best forward in Man United now. he makes a good partner to rooney. i used to think that tevez-rooney would be a bad combination as both are of the same type – runners. but so far they’ve proved differently. presence of berbatov whom i expected to be a better partner to rooney was totally off.

losing him could be a big loss to the squad. its the combination that really matters. we can have 11 star players and achieve nothing. or we can have 11 team-players that can achieve almost everything. i always believe that Man United is not a team of individual stars. it’s a team. combination of 11 players on the field. but as a professional he should have known this better. leaving Man United might be a big loss to him as well. tevez is not a star on his own. his superb combination with rooney ronaldo giggs scholes and others makes him a great player.

but this all comes to the asking price by kia joorabchian which is too much. should he lowered the price, fergie won’t think twice i guess.but to buy or not to buy tevez is up to fergie. he’s the boss. and i stood by his decision whatever that is. article from soccernet.


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