syafeerul: Games Suggestion

my next buy.. games for PS3 and X360.

haven’t bought a game for both for quite sometime already.
for my PS3, im stucked with my prostreet. stuck with R6: Vegas. completed once Assassin’s Creed and in process to complete 2nd time with all flags collected and templars killed. im still confused what to buy next. here’s my confused list:

  • GT5 Prologue – it’s 1080p native. would love to have another racing game as my prostreet wasn’t up to my expectation. and i’ve been waiting for GT5 for so long and still the game has yet to come out.
  • PES 2009 or WE11 or FIFA2009 – its a football game. i’ve always love this type of game. but PES have failed badly after 2007. my last PES was PES6 which i played on PC and it was still one of the best footie game till now. i dunno much of PES2009. screen shot looks good. but not sure about the gameplay. FIFA seems to be a better bet. but i already have FIFA 2009 on X360. but can’t play online since im only on Silver Member. don’t think i’d move into Gold Member any soon. and if i wait, by Q3 2009, PES2010 and FIFA 2010 will come out and the game is rumored to be a lot better than 2009’s. confused.
  • NBA 2009 – 1080p native. i played basketball in real life. but i have not played any basketball game since 2007. this nba live 2009 looks good. but not sure whether i would fully utilised it or not. wait? not sure..
  • other games in consideration are mostly either for online purposes or it’s native 1080p support. other than that i won’t consider. at the moment im not into fps games as playing fps on PS3 really sucks. i don’t know how to play with it. i sucked at this. so not considering any fps games for now.

on X360 is a different story. game is much cheaper allowing me room to consider a lot more games. only holding point is that im on Silver account. can’t play online.i’ve completed NFS: Undercover. much better game compared to Prostreet. RA3 is almost complete. FIFA 2009 just started. and here’s my confused list for X360:

  • UFC looks good. but lacking the chance to play online is something i had to re-consider.
  • GTA4 is a maybe for X360.
  • looking for either fighting game, racing game or maybe some good rpg game for X360. open to suggestion. guess im not that confused as with PS3 games.

when will i buy this? lets give myself at least end of this month.