syafeerul: Bluetooth Headphone

Bluetooth Headset B-Speech® Calypso SP

With BT Version 2.0

The Calypso SP Stereo Headset offers best High Tech in a very slim housing. It is equipped with the BC 05, the newest BT IC Chip and is absolute convincing in Talk- and Sound quality. The Calypso is compatible with all Bluetooth enable devices like mobile phones, PDA, PC or other music sources which for example run with a Bluetooth dongle.

Note: Not compatibel with Samsung D600!

The Headset can be connected in parallel with two mobile phones. When With an incoming call, the device switches automaticly from music to mobile phone and back.With it´s very light construction it is very easy and comfortable to wear. The bands at the outside are interchangeable and provides individual possibilities of design. Folded it is suitable for every pocket and an ideal attendant under way.


Specifications Headset:

Bluetooth 2.0 Class 2
Range: 10 meters
Profil: A2DP, AVRCP, Headset, Handsfree
Frequency: 2,402 – 2,480 GHz
Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery, 400 mAh
Talktime/Music: 12 h
Standby: 800 h
Built in High performance microphone
Replaceable headset caps
Dimensions: 54 × 25 mm
Weight: 72 g incl. Battery

Package contents:

B-Speech®Calypso SP
USB cable
3 exchangeable cover rings
User manual

B-Speech® Tx2

Universal Stereo Audio/Music Transmitter

The B-Speech®Transmitter TX2 transmit digital music Wirelessly by plugging Tx from your iPod, MP3, Home stereo system or any music device.

It connects after switch on automatically via Bluetooth Stereo profile A2DP with your Bluetooth enable Stereo device, for example our Stereo Headsets B-Speech® Calypso SP oder dem B-Speech® Twiddle and any other device, which supports the Pairing codes 0000, 1234 or 8888.



Bluetooth V. 2.0, Class II, 10 meters
Bluetooth Stereoprofile: A2DP
Frequency: 2.4 Ghz
High Quality Stereo IC
CE and FCC zertifiziert
3,5 mm Stereo Audio Plug
Low power standby and deep sleep mode for power saving
Up to 5 hrs music playing
Size: L 48 × B 29,4 × H 11,2 mm

at the end of the day i decided on this two. no question about the transmitter as there were too few to choose from. but i had to make a survey before deciding on the calypso sp. refer to previous post, i have listed possible headsets that i would consider. however from that list, i forgot to list calypso sp along. the survey had been ongoing for the past one year. i had been asking and bidding on some of them on the list. top two on my list was motorola s9 and calypso sp. the rest came in every now and then. today i made another short survey before deciding on calypso sp.

first of all, i need to state that i’m in search of a bluetooth headset that i can use with my i900. that headset must allow me to listen to music as well as making calls. this means a2dp and avrcp is a must. for those who don’t know what this protocols are.. wiki them. to pair them with my i900 is one thing. i need the headset to be able to use with my PS3, X360 and PC as well. somehow the neither PS3, X360 or PC support bluetooth audio out-of-the-box. therefore a transmitter would be the medium to transfer this audio signal to the bluetooth headset. since there is not many option for bluetooth transmitter, Tx2 wins easily. however for headset, i came across numerous options available in the market.

the six on the list as stated in previous post are:

  • Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800
  • Motorola MotoRokr S9
  • Altec Lansing BackBeat 906
  • Jabra BT8030 Bluetooth headphones/speaker
  • Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth headset
  • B-Speech Calypso SP

my comparison mainly revolves around pricing as it will show worthiness of buying it. looking for best value for money. from the six listed three came up with best price. S9, BT8030 and Calypso SP. Voyager 855 was the most expensive followed by IS800. BackBeat 906 was not available here. but i would estimate the price would be comparable to IS800 or Voyager 855. S9 had some flaws, notbaly no stereo during calls, sound too slow. BT8030 being very bulky and heavy for possible hours of usage. Calypso SP meanwhile loses in after sales service as its brand name is too small here in Malaysia. i tested all three, pairing them all with my i900. sound was awesome on all three. but i would say its best on BT8030. but being bulky really annoys me. i made offers for all three to get best price. i need to get best pricing together with Tx2. at the end, best price came up with Tx2 and Calypso SP. and that was my final decision.


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  1. I ride the bus everyday for a couple hours and constantly wrapped these things around whatever I was using them with and jammed them in my pocket. After about 2 years the rubber insulation started to become grimy and dirty, and is now literally shedding off the wire in large amounts, which is also now knotted up at the base of the left earbud, but astoundingly the sound still does not cut out of either side.

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