Google’s Creepy New Algorithm Knows If You’re Going to Quit Your Job Before You Do

Google‘s developed an algorithm that tells them which employees are most likely to quit. That’s creepy.

Think about it: It’s a formula designed to let a machine essentially wriggle around inside your head to extract your true intentions—intentions you might not even realize you have yet—to reveal them to the company bean counters, who are basically machines themselves. Who can then take the Pre-Crime approach and shitcan you before you quit—if you were really going to quit at all.

Google developed the algorithm in response to its best employees bailing, so presumably at least some of the unhappy people would be wooed, not written off. But this is just the beginning. Today, a computer knows if you’re going to quit. Next, a computer calculates if you should be hired at all. Which is only a few generations removed from determining if all people shouldn’t be fired, but like, permanently. From earth.

The uprising is coming, and Google will be where it begins.

wooohooo… this is not good for us employees.. from Gizmodo!