SECT 14 DISASTER: A familiar PJ landmark for 35 years

Jaya collapsedPopular neighbourhood shopping complex for many for a long time
TRAGEDY STRIKES: The shocking collapse yesterday. (Top left) What Jaya Shopping Centre looked like before.

Friday, May 29th, 2009 12:45:00

OPENED in 1974, Jaya Supermarket was one of the most famous landmarks in Petaling Jaya and it is still commonly cited as one by those in the area. To many, it was the neighbourhood store to find fresh produce, a good pair of jeans, watches as well as some good traditional steak. It also had the first ‘soft ice-cream’ in a cone machine, which wss a novelty in the mid-70s. As one of the oldest shopping centres in the Klang Valley, it was the neighbourhood mall for not only those living in PJ, but also Kuala Lumpur folk. Officially closed on Feb 7 last year, many PJ folks hold Jaya close to their hearts till this very day. Though many of its original traders have moved to the nearby malls of Jaya 33, Jaya One, Amcorp Mall and Atria, some have harboured hopes of returning after its redevelopment. A new shopping mall had been set to take the place the old building and was expected to be completed in three years.

MEANWHILE, for  traders at popular Digital Mall opposite the collapsed Jaya Supermarket building, it was business as usual.  Seeming almost unconcerned with the drama unfolding outside, it was apparently a case of ‘what-can-we-do’ and ‘cari maken.’ A handphone trader manning a stall close to the entrance of the mall said that he felt a slight tremor running through the tiled floor beneath his feet and heard a crash akin to a car accident. But he was too busy to give it a second thought. “My colleagues also said they felt the tremor but we dismissed it because we have a business to run and customers to attend to. Also, it was noisy in the mall so the crash didn’t sound like it came from a collapsing building,” said the 23-year old, who only wanted to be known as Tan. Tan only realised that something was amiss when shoppers rushed out of the mall and a commotion began outside the entrance. “That’s when we realised that something really bad must have happened. We took turns going outside to see what all the fuss was all about.” With their curiosity satisfied, it was back to work forTan and his colleagues… and ‘cari makan

This happens on 28th May 2009. Jaya Supermarket was one popular shopping complex for the local people. i myself have been there for many times. this tragedy marks another great lost to Petaling Jaya. article from Malay Mail.

The PlayStation 3 Is Like the Ford Model T, Says Guillermo del Toro

Entertainment and games are evolving

The gaming industry is evolving rapidly alongside the entertainment one, the two slowly converging and creating complete experiences for everyone to enjoy. As such, things will soon get to a certain point where a Citizen Kane moment of video games is imminent, at least according to reputed movie director Guillermo del Toro, who was responsible for titles such as Hellboy or Cronos.


He recently talked about entertainment and revealed a very interesting fact, which might get a few Xbox 360 fans angry at him: the PlayStation 3 is like the Ford Model T, as it will soon encompass everything entertainment is all about and it will power innovation in future games made for it.

“In the next 10 years, we’re going to see all the forms of entertainment-film, television, video, games, and print-melding into a single-platform ‘story engine’,” said del Toro. “The Model T of this new platform is the PS3. The moment you connect creative output with a public story engine, a narrative can continue over a period of months or years. It’s going to rewrite the rules of fiction.”

He went on to compare the state of the gaming industry and its creation process with the one of graphic novels in its early years, saying that as time would pass, creativity would give birth to some genre-defining titles. “ Go back a couple of decades to the birth of the graphic novel — I think we can pinpoint the big bang to Will Eisner’s A Contract With God. Today, we have very worthy people doing literary comics. I think the same thing will happen on the Internet-gaming side. In the next 10 years, there will be an earthshaking Citizen Kane of games.”

But at the same time, the reputed director says that developers also need to take into account the influence they have on people when they create an experience. “ Unfortunately, I’ve found in my videogame experience that the big companies are just as conservative as the studios,” said del Toro, adding that he was “very impressed” with Grand Theft Auto IV. “You can get lost in that world. But we’re using it just to shoot people and run over old ladies. We could be doing so much more.”

It’s quite nice to hear that even famous entertainers like del Toro are beginning to see the gaming industry for what it really is and not just as a source of easy ideas for movies.

agreed. its one platform that can be multipurpose. there’s more to improve but like model T, the existence of PS3 triggers greater innovation in entertainment technology. X360 in comparison is good for gaming but it’s not multipurpose. as of now, X360 wins in terms of gaming but in few years ahead, PS3 might be the one. great article. im no fanboy of neither PS3 or X360. im just a gamer who plays both. article copied from Softpedia.

Sound and vision set free with the Sony Ericsson Aino

Keep up to date with the latest videos and music on Aino. Media Go™ helps you transfer, play and organise all your music, photos, videos and podcasts from your PC simply and effortlessly to enjoy directly on Aino via Wi-Fi™. No more wires, no more searching – always the latest fun.

London, UK – May 28, 2009 – Sony Ericsson today showcases Aino.  Get the best of two worlds with the keypad combined with an intuitive touch UI in media mode.  An intuitive media browser gives users a clear overview and one touch direct access to their content.

Control your PLAYSTATION®3 and access its media content on your Aino anywhere, anytime using Remote Play with PLAYSTATION®3.  Remote Play with PLAYSTATION®3, initially developed for PSP, enables users to control and access media content on PLAYSTATION®3 from their phone.  This can be done via a local network between PLAYSTATION®3 and Aino in your home or via the internet from anywhere in the world.  For TV lovers in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and in the UK users can also enjoy the PlayTV™ service on PLAYSTATION®3 via the Aino.  Watch, pause and record live TV from a huge range of free channels via Aino on the go.

Aino also introduces Media Home, an application that pulls media content from Media Go™ on your PC over Wi-Fi™ to your phone automatically.  Users just insert their Aino into its charging stand and it automatically synchronizes with all the latest media content on their PC.  You are always ready to go with the latest content on your phone.

“Sony Ericsson has established itself as THE Communication Entertainment brand and Aino highlights our commitment to bringing the latest communication technology to the market in fun and innovative ways for consumers to enjoy,” said Alexandre Cardon, Market Business Manager at Sony Ericsson. “Media Home and Remote Play with PLAYSTATION®3 are key steps in broadening the entertainment experiences users can enjoy on their Sony Ericsson phone and gives a taste of our vision of the future.”

Watch movies on the crystal clear 3 inch screen and listen to music in superb quality and with increased freedom – thanks to the stylish Wireless Stereo Headphone MH100 and matching Charging Stand EC100 included with Aino.  This powerful phone offers a full range of exciting features to support the entertainment experiences on the phones such as; an 8.1 megapixel camera, Photo flash and Clear audio experience.

Sound and vision set free

  • The best of both worlds: traditional keypad and touch UI in media mode
  • Media Home and Media Go™ – simple to take your content with you
  • Remote Play with PLAYSTATION®3 – control and access your PLAYSTATION®3  media content from your mobile phone
  • 3 inch 16 million colour screen – surf the web in widescreen
  • Clear audio experience – listen to music in superb quality
  • Design matched Wireless Stereo Headphone MH100 and Charging Stand EC100

Aino supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 and UMTS/HSPA 850/1900/2100. Aino will be available in selected markets from early Q4 in the colours Obsidian Black and Luminous White.

The Sony Ericsson Aino at a glance


  • 8.1 megapixel camera
  • Up to 16x digital zoom
  • Photo fix
  • Photo flash
  • Video recording
  • Auto focus
  • Face detection
  • Image and video stabilizer
  • BestPic™
  • Geo tagging
  • Photo feeds
  • Photo light
  • Red-eye reduction
  • Send to web
  • Smart contrast
  • Touch focus


  • Album art
  • Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP)
  • Clear Bass
  • Clear Stereo
  • Touchscreen media player
  • Music tones (MP3/AAC)
  • PlayNow™
  • SensMe™
  • Stereo speakers


  • Access NetFront™ Web browser
  • Bookmarks
  • Google™ search (from standby)
  • Web feeds


  • Speakerphone
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Vibrating alert
  • Video calling (main camera)


  • Conversations
  • Email
  • Picture messaging (MMS)
  • Predictive text input
  • Sound recorder
  • Text messaging (SMS)
  • Instant messaging
  • Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync™


  • Auto rotate
  • Picture wallpaper
  • Wallpaper animation


  • Facebook
  • 3D games
  • FM radio with RDS
  • Java
  • Motion gaming
  • Remote Play for PLAYSTATION®3
  • Tracker
  • Video streaming
  • Video viewing
  • Walk mate
  • YouTube™


  • A-GPS
  • Bluetooth™ technology
  • DLNA Certified™
  • Google Maps™
  • Modem
  • PictBridge
  • Synchronisation
  • USB mass storage
  • USB support
  • Wi-Fi™


  • Alarm clock
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Flight mode
  • Notes
  • Phone book
  • Stopwatch
  • Tasks
  • Timer



  • Aino
  • Battery
  • Battery charger
  • SanDisk microSD™ 8GB
  • Colour-matched Wireless Stereo Headphone MH100
  • Design-matched Charging Stand EC100
  • User guide


  • Wireless Stereo Speakers MBS-400
  • Snap-on Speaker Stand MS410
  • Digital Photo Frame IDP-100

Facts and Figures

  • Size: 104 x 50×15.5 mm
  • Weight: 134 grams
  • Colours: Obsidian Black, Luminous White
  • Main screen: 16,777,216 True Colour TFT
  • Resolution: 240 x 432 pixels
  • Size: 3 inches
  • Phone memory: Up to 55MB
  • Memory card support: SanDisk microSD™
  • Talk time GSM: Up to 13 hrs
  • Standby time GSM: Up to 380 hrs
  • Talk time UMTS: Up to 4.5 hours
  • Standby time UMTS: Up to 367 hours
  • Video talk time: Up to 1 hour 40 mins
  • Music listening time: Up to 31 hours

Availability and versions


  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • UMTS/HSPA 850/900/2100

Available in selected markets from early Q4 2009.

AINO they named it. not sure how its gonna communicate with PS3 though.. can it play games through it? or does it only act as a viewer. Q4 2009? long way to wait.. for now im happy with my Omnia. but with Aino in line.. this looks good. article from Sony Ericsson.