SECT 14 DISASTER: A familiar PJ landmark for 35 years

Jaya collapsedPopular neighbourhood shopping complex for many for a long time
TRAGEDY STRIKES: The shocking collapse yesterday. (Top left) What Jaya Shopping Centre looked like before.

Friday, May 29th, 2009 12:45:00

OPENED in 1974, Jaya Supermarket was one of the most famous landmarks in Petaling Jaya and it is still commonly cited as one by those in the area. To many, it was the neighbourhood store to find fresh produce, a good pair of jeans, watches as well as some good traditional steak. It also had the first ‘soft ice-cream’ in a cone machine, which wss a novelty in the mid-70s. As one of the oldest shopping centres in the Klang Valley, it was the neighbourhood mall for not only those living in PJ, but also Kuala Lumpur folk. Officially closed on Feb 7 last year, many PJ folks hold Jaya close to their hearts till this very day. Though many of its original traders have moved to the nearby malls of Jaya 33, Jaya One, Amcorp Mall and Atria, some have harboured hopes of returning after its redevelopment. A new shopping mall had been set to take the place the old building and was expected to be completed in three years.

MEANWHILE, for  traders at popular Digital Mall opposite the collapsed Jaya Supermarket building, it was business as usual.  Seeming almost unconcerned with the drama unfolding outside, it was apparently a case of ‘what-can-we-do’ and ‘cari maken.’ A handphone trader manning a stall close to the entrance of the mall said that he felt a slight tremor running through the tiled floor beneath his feet and heard a crash akin to a car accident. But he was too busy to give it a second thought. “My colleagues also said they felt the tremor but we dismissed it because we have a business to run and customers to attend to. Also, it was noisy in the mall so the crash didn’t sound like it came from a collapsing building,” said the 23-year old, who only wanted to be known as Tan. Tan only realised that something was amiss when shoppers rushed out of the mall and a commotion began outside the entrance. “That’s when we realised that something really bad must have happened. We took turns going outside to see what all the fuss was all about.” With their curiosity satisfied, it was back to work forTan and his colleagues… and ‘cari makan

This happens on 28th May 2009. Jaya Supermarket was one popular shopping complex for the local people. i myself have been there for many times. this tragedy marks another great lost to Petaling Jaya. article from Malay Mail.

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