XBox 360 Whips PS3 With Three Times As Many Great Games?

Ah yes, the list, a favorite standby of fanboys around the world, and one that last gen always seemed to be in Sony’s favor. However, a quick look on Metacritic (June 28, 2009) seems to tell a different story at first glance. The XBox 360 has almost twice as many games overall, 654 to PS3’s 357. When comparing only 360 and PS3, the 360 has 11 present gen console exclusive games rated 90 or higher, compared to PS3’s 4. 58 games rated 80-90 compared to PS3’s 31, etc. Overall, the 360 has 126 present gen console “exclusive” (compared to PS3 only) games compared to PS3’s 51 that have received generally favorable reviews as aggregated by Metacritic.

But look a little closer and you can see where the differences in numbers have come from. For one the 360 has been out a year longer than PS3. Also, some of the older games were available on PS2. And what’s this? DLC packs are now being counted as full games? In addition, many of these DLC packs will be available on PS3 at sometime in the future. For yet another level, XBL and PSN games are counted, but not all. Which ones are not? XBox Originals and PS1 games. And for those who did manage to pick up a BC PS3 when they were available, the Sony software library is that much stronger. This isn’t even counting PSP games and compatibility which Microsoft has no answer for as they have no handheld gaming system ( and no, the Zune HD was never, ever, meant to compete with PSP or DS ).

Also, you will find several of the games here are also available on PC if you have a capable system. Then add all the great multiplatform games available for both systems and you will see playing field level a bit. Considering both Sony’s and Microsoft’s announced games, both will continue to offer quality gaming experiences for the rest of this generation.

XBox 360

  1. Gears of War 2006 94
  2. Halo 3 2007 94
  3. Braid 2008 93
  4. Gears of War 2 2008 93
  5. Guitar Hero II 2007 92
  6. Mass Effect 2007 91
  7. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2006 90
  8. Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned 2009 90
  9. Portal: Still Alive 2008 90
  10. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 2008 90
  11. Forza Motorsport 2 2007 90
  12. Call of Duty 2 2005 89
  13. Rez HD 2008 89
  14. Left 4 Dead 2008 89
  15. Fable II 2008 89
  16. Burnout Revenge 2006 89
  17. Peggle 2009 89
  18. Project Gotham Racing 3 2005 88
  19. Ikaruga 2008 88
  20. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords 2007 87
  21. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2005 86
  22. Project Gotham Racing 4 2007 85
  23. Dead or Alive 4 2005 85
  24. Dead Rising 2006 85
  25. F.E.A.R. 2006 85
  26. Bomberman Live 2007 84
  27. Viva Pinata 2006 84
  28. N+ 2008 83
  29. Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 83
  30. Crackdown 2007 83
  31. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2007 83
  32. Rocket Riot 2009 82
  33. Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise 2008 82
  34. Fallout 3: Broken Steel 2009 82
  35. Test Drive Unlimited 2006 82
  36. Hitman: Blood Money 2006 82
  37. Castle Crashers 2008 82
  38. Prince of Persia Classic 2007 82
  39. Football Manager 2007 2006 82
  40. Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars 2007 82
  41. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 2007 82
  42. Halo Wars 2009 82
  43. Condemned: Criminal Origins 2005 81
  44. Football Manager 2006 2006 81
  45. Saints Row 2006 81
  46. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy 2006 81
  47. Fallout 3: Point Lookout 2009 81
  48. Sensible World of Soccer 2007 81
  49. Uno 2006 81
  50. Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis 2006 81
  51. Poker Smash 2008 81
  52. Catan 2007 81
  53. NBA 2K6 2005 81
  54. Perfect Dark Zero 2005 81
  55. WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007 2006 81
  56. Ninja Gaiden II 2008 81
  57. Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation 2007 80
  58. Bully: Scholarship Edition 2008 80
  59. Space Invaders Extreme 2009 80
  60. Duke Nukem 3D 2008 80
  61. Tomb Raider: Legend 2006 80
  62. Peter Jackson’s King Kong 2005 80
  63. Moto GP 06 2006 80
  64. Tales of Vesperia 2008 80
  65. Cloning Clyde 2006 80
  66. Doom 2006 80
  67. Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 2007 80
  68. Naruto: The Broken Bond 2008 80
  69. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts 2008 80
  70. FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage 2007 80
  71. Kameo: Elements of Power 2005 79
  72. NHL 07 2006 79
  73. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition 2007 79
  74. NCAA Football 07 2006 79
  75. Soulcalibur 2008 79
  76. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 2006 79
  77. Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II, The 2006 79
  78. Hexic HD 2005 79
  79. Alien Hominid HD 2007 79
  80. Prey 2006 79
  81. Carcassonne 2007 79
  82. Assault Heroes 2006 79
  83. Marble Blast Ultra 2006 79
  84. Blue Dragon 2007 79
  85. Roogoo 2008 78
  86. Hasbro Family Game Night: Yahtzee 2009 78
  87. Lost Odyssey 2008 78
  88. Astropop 2006 78
  89. Hasbro Family Game Night: Scrabble 2009 78
  90. Naruto: Rise of a Ninja 2007 78
  91. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition 2008 78
  92. Moto GP 07 2007 78
  93. Far Cry Instincts Predator 2006 78
  94. Metal Slug 3 2008 78
  95. Kingdom for Keflings, A 2008 78
  96. Switchball 2007 78
  97. Every Extend Extra Extreme 2007 78
  98. Mutant Storm Reloaded 2005 77
  99. Eets: Chowdown 2007 77
  100. Banjo-Kazooie 2008 77
  101. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat 2006 77
  102. Sonic the Hedgehog Arcade 2007 77
  103. Wik: The Fable of Souls 2005 77
  104. Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2009 77
  105. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary 2007 77
  106. Lumines Live! 2006 77
  107. Zuma Deluxe 2005 77
  108. Outpost Kaloki X 2005 77
  109. Mutant Storm Empire 2007 77
  110. Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank 2007 77
  111. Uno Rush 2009 77
  112. R-Type Dimensions 2009 77
  113. Football Manager 2008 2008 77
  114. Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting 2006 76
  115. Chessmaster Live 2008 76
  116. Penny Arcade Adventures Episode One: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 2008 76
  117. Fallout 3: The Pitt 2009 76
  118. Undertow 2007 76
  119. Streets of Rage 2 2007 76
  120. Battlestations: Pacific 2009 76
  121. Maw, The 2009 76
  122. Lode Runner 2009 76
  123. RoboBlitz 2006 76
  124. Top Spin 2 2006 75
  125. NHL 2K6 2005 75
  126. Scene It? Box Office Smash 2008 75
  127. Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland 2005 75
  128. Frontlines: Fuel of War 2008 75
  129. Culdcept Saga 2008 75
  130. Quake 4 2005 75
  131. Exit 2007 75
  132. Smash TV 2005 75
  133. Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath 2008 75
  134. Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, The 2009 75
  135. Assault Heroes 2 2008 75
  136. Gun 2005 75


  1. LittleBigPlanet 2008 95
  2. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 2008 94
  3. Killzone 2 2009 91
  4. MLB 09: The Show 2009 90
  5. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction 2007 89
  6. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune 2007 88
  7. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2007 88
  8. Valkyria Chronicles 2008 87
  9. WipEout HD 2008 87
  10. Resistance 2 2008 87
  11. Flower 2009 87
  12. Resistance: Fall of Man 2006 86
  13. Comet Crash 2009 86
  14. MLB 08: The Show 2008 85
  15. Super Stardust HD 2007 85
  16. inFAMOUS 2009 85
  17. MotorStorm (JPN Import Version) 2006 84
  18. Warhawk 2007 84
  19. Yakuza 3 2009 83
  20. PixelJunk Monsters 2008 83
  21. Everyday Shooter 2007 83
  22. MotorStorm 2007 82
  23. SingStar 2008 82
  24. Gran Turismo HD Concept 2006 82
  25. PixelJunk Monsters Encore 2008 82
  26. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift 2008 82
  27. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection 2007 82
  28. Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds 2008 81
  29. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online 2007 81
  30. Echochrome 2008 81
  31. Metal Gear Online 2008 81
  32. Buzz! Quiz TV 2008 80
  33. ZEN Pinball 2009 80
  34. PixelJunk Eden 2008 80
  35. Lumines Supernova 2008 80
  36. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 2008 80
  37. Cuboid 2009 79
  38. Heavenly Sword 2007 79
  39. Crash Commando 2008 79
  40. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice 2008 78
  41. SIREN: Blood Curse 2008 78
  42. Ridge Racer 7 2006 78
  43. Last Guy, The 2008 77
  44. Calling All Cars! 2007 77
  45. MLB 07: The Show 2007 77
  46. SingStar Queen 2009 77
  47. Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty 2008 76
  48. SingStar Vol. 2 2008 76
  49. Burn, Zombie, Burn! 2009 76
  50. Folklore 2007 75
  51. Eye of Judgment, The 2007 75

At this point in time, either XBox 360 or PS3 owners should find more than an adequate amount of quality titles to keep them busy (not to mention those who own all three, ds, psp, iphone, pc, etc.). But if you had to choose a console based on it’s game library alone, which would you choose? For me personally, it would have been a full BC PS3, but unfortunately they are no longer manufactured, but primarily I bought my 360 first as it came out a year earlier. Now it still runs fine and I am still enjoying it’s library of RPG’s (Fable 2 is great!) and I haven’t found the time to plow through all the quality games in it’s library for 3 and a half years (though those first few months were painfully slow ). For old or new PS1, PS2, or PSP games, I still have a PS2 and PSP. So this narrows my justification for buying a PS3, especially considering an imminent redesign and eventual price drop.

While there are many reasons to by one console over another, I have to say my 360 has served me well over the years, and continues to do so (as I’m sure any PS3 owner can say as well). Regardless of which console you own, or even if you own them all, which would you recommend, based on games only, and why?

a forumer on posted this. list of exclusive games for PS3 and X360. from CarlB via

Top 40 PS3 games – The best Playstation 3 exclusives

found this website while searching for new games for PS3. it’s very long since i last bought a game for the console. so now im in search for one. but not sure which is best.. in this article, there is 40 PS3 exclusive games. for reviews click on the titles. i took the liberty to include comments made by visitors on that website. this would allow open discussion on listed games. some may agree and some may not..
article from Blorge.

The PS3 is blessed with some truly great games. But which of this huge library of games are the best on the Playstation 3? Read on for the Top 40 PS3 exclusive games ever released.

There are many multi-format games which you’ll likely own or want to own, regardless of the system you’re currently playing. Call Of Duty 4 and Grand Theft Auto 4 immediately spring to mind. But what about those games which are only available on your system of choice? Whether you’re a new PS3 owner or have had one of the Sony consoles for some time, you’re likely to want to know what the best games you can buy with your money are. Wonder no more. Here are the Top 40 PS3 exclusive games, listed and ranked by us here at Blorge.

Top 40 Playstation 3 Exclusive Games

Metal Gear Solid 4

Top 40 Playstation 3 Exclusive Games – 1-10

Metal Gear Solid 4 – The latest epic from Hideo Kojima. Recommended for all lovers of long cut-scenes.

Killzone 2 – The best exclusive FPS on the PS3. Everything the first game on the PS2 wasn’t.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – A third-person action adventure that will thrill and enthrall in equal measure.

LittleBigPlanet – A cute facade encompasses an addictive platformer with endless gameplay possibilities.

Wipeout HD – The Playstation classic brought bang up-to-date and with amazing graphics.

Resistance 2 – The first is great, the sequel is greater. A top class FPS.

inFamous – You play a man imbued with superpowers and a whole city to play with. What more do you want?

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction – A fun and frivolous action platformer guaranteed to entertain.

Warhawk – An online-only third-person shooter with vehicles and flying elements thrown in.

Motorstorm – Get down and dirty with this muddy and madly entertaining racer.

GT5 Prologue

Top 40 Playstation 3 Exclusive Games – 11-20

GT5: Prologue – It’s not the full game, but it’s still fun to play and amazing to look at.

White Knight Chronicles – A lengthy Level 5-developed Japanese RPG.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection/Online – An arcade port of the latest in the long-running fighting game series.

Heavenly Sword – A third-person actioner that’s only let down by its short length. Brilliant while it lasts.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma – Play a ninja while flicking the bird at Xbox owners for getting the game’s best version.

Demon’s Souls – A hardcore action RPG. Perfect for those looking for a mighty challenge.

Valkyria Chronicles – A tactical RPG that grabs you and refuses to let go. Mightily addictive.

MLB 09: The Show – If you like baseball, or even sports games in general, this is the best on the market.

Siren: Blood Curse – A Japanese survival horror guaranteed to have you crapping your pants.

Resistance: Fall of Man – The original exclusive PS3 FPS. Outdone by its sequel but still well worth playing.

PS3 Flower

Top 40 Playstation 3 Exclusive Games – 21-30

Flower – Part game, part stress-busting experience. A must-have PSN download.

Disgaea 3 – Tactical RPGs aren’t for everyone, But Disgaea is one of the best in the genre.

Folklore – A dark and fantastical action RPG which uses the SixAxis controller to great effect.

Singstar – For karaoke fiends everywhere. Also perfect to annoy your neighbors with.

PixelJunk Eden – Another PSN download, and one which will frustrate, entertain, and soothe in equal measure.

Socom: US Navy SEALs Confrontation – An online-only third-person tactical shooter similar to Warhawk.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty – Better looking but shorter than Tools of Destruction.

LocoRoco Cocoreccho – Is it a game? Maybe, but it’s definitely madness personified.

Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift – Drive through dirt, dust, and mud in this not-quite-as-good-as-the-original racer.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm – A 3D fighter featuring cel-shaded graphics and based on the Naruto anime.

Crash Commando

Top 40 Playstation 3 Exclusive Games – 31-40

Crash Commando – A PSN exclusive, Crash Commando is an addictive side-scrolling multiplayer shooter.

PixelJunk Monsters – A very strange tower defense game which is another PSN exclusive.

Everyday Shooter – A music-based multi-directional shooter which plays like Rez Lite.

Echochrome – A simply designed yet frustratingly difficult puzzle game that plays with perspectives.

Buzz: Quiz TV – Does for pub quizzes what Singstar does for karaoke. Social and very competitive.

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds – A cartoon golf game for those bored with Tiger Woods.

Ridge Racer 7 – The first decent racing game on the PS3, now looking a little dated.

Time Crisis 4 – An on-rails, lightgun shooter. A ludicrous plot takes away from the enjoyment somewhat.

Noby Noby Boy – From the makers of Katamari Damacy comes this strange PSN exclusive.

FlOw – A prequel of sorts to FlowerflOw is a highly playable gaming experience.


Not all of these games will suit all tastes, but they represent (at the time of writing) the best exclusive Playstation 3 games you can buy with your hard-earned cash. The Top 10 are indispensable, the Top 20 should all be in your collection, but the whole of the Top 40 represent the best exclusive games to suit all tastes.

As always, we welcome your opinions. Are there any games we missed that belong on the list? Any that are on there which shouldn’t be? Be sure to look out for more Top 40 lists soon. Next, it’s the turn of Xbox 360 exclusives. Which should be fun.

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42 Responses to “Top 40 PS3 games – The best Playstation 3 exclusives”

  1. Barnabe Jones:
    June 29th, 2009
    Wow great list. I have a lot of the games listed.

    I’m really looking forward to White Knight and Demon’s Souls. And I will probably finally check out Disgaea 3 next month when the trophy patch is released.

  2. Bourne:
    June 29th, 2009
    R2 at number 6? I think not. Swap R2 with R:FOM and we have a deal.
  3. Bourne:
    June 29th, 2009
    Also i’d like to add i think the list is pretty solid actually.
  4. Roca.:
    June 29th, 2009
    I have 43 out of the 40 games u listed, but when i get Demon’s Soul and White Knight Chronicles i’ll have 45 of them. I think you forgot Eye of Judgment and Super Stardust HD on ur list.
  5. Bourne:
    June 29th, 2009
    math fail ^
  6. Roca.:
    June 29th, 2009
    lol i meant 33 and ill have 35.

    just testing you.

  7. Andrew_DS:
    June 29th, 2009
    Yeah ok Roca, I believe you. Can you link to any proof that you manage to do the impossible and have 43 games out of a possible 40!

    Look out Dave. Oh no. Watch out. Oh damn, too late. Barnabe, Bourne, Ivan and Roca (twice) just shot a load in your face due to that list. Damn! Roca before he even got the page loaded.

    Personally I am astounded that there are 40! I had to go through the list just to make sure you were not pulling a fast one (sorry Roca not having another go at you) and listing some games twice. I will let you off though even though you have included 70%-80% rated games like LBP and Resistance. Suppose you had to pad it out some how.

  8. Roca.:
    June 29th, 2009
    Andrew FYI

    LBP is the highest rated Exclisve game ever.

    and I also believe most of the game on the list are above 80%.

    The firist 9 are all above 90% on IGN

    and if think resistance was bad..i believe it go better reveiw then L4D.

  9. Andrew_DS:
    June 29th, 2009
    WTF, you mean at 85% LBP is the highest rated exclusive for the ps4th! Damn. Unless you’re refering the 99% the laminated totally unbiased playstation mags gave it.

    Bad luck guys. Eventually GT5 will come out which should be a half decent game.

  10. lock_down:
    June 29th, 2009
    Perhaps Roca is one of the 5 out of 3 people who can’t do fractions.
  11. Roca.:
    June 29th, 2009
    LBP is the highest rated exclusive between 360/PS3

    LBP – 95%
    MGS4 – 94%
    Gears of War – 94%
    Halo 3 -94%

    Source: metacritic

  12. CAD:
    June 29th, 2009
    Andrew DS

    That is pretty Funny that LBP is the highest rated PS3 game. LOL

  13. Arvis:
    June 29th, 2009
    Well, it’s also rated higher than any other 360 game, as far as I know…


  14. Spideydog:
    June 29th, 2009
    LOL, that just made you look silly CAD….. ROFLMAO
  15. Roca.:
    June 29th, 2009
    idk from where Andrew got the 85% from, mayb he just made it up like he usually does
  16. CAD:
    June 29th, 2009
    Not really dude it’s funnier looking at it the other way. That’s like Vivia Piniata being rated higher then Halo 3 & Greas of War 2. So a Puzzle Platformer game is better then MGS4, Uncharted and Killzone on the PS3. ROFLMAO X infinity.
  17. Arvis:
    June 29th, 2009
    Er… wouldn’t that just mean that the Viva Pinata game was really really good? What would be the problem with that? And you still seem to be missing the obvious point that a “Puzzle Platformer” on the PS3 IS better than Halo 3 and Gears of War 2… at least, according to ratings.


  18. Roca.:
    June 29th, 2009
    CAD – “So a Puzzle Platformer game is better then MGS4, Uncharted and Killzone on the PS3. ROFLMAO X infinity”

    LBP is more than just a Puzzle Platformer. Have you Play Contra 1-8 on LBP or Super Sackboy Smash, well u shouldnt know how amazing that game is. but again ur always right and everybody else around the world is wrong.

  19. Spideydog:
    June 29th, 2009
    “Er… wouldn’t that just mean that the Viva Pinata game was really really good? What would be the problem with that? And you still seem to be missing the obvious point that a “Puzzle Platformer” on the PS3 IS better than Halo 3 and Gears of War 2… at least, according to ratings.”

    Exactly …. spin, spin, spin CAD. At the end of the day, LBP has a higher rating than any of the best 360 offering’s thus far. You just shot yourself in the foot buddy. Just smile and nod and we will move onto the next discussion point :)

  20. CAD:
    June 29th, 2009
    Well of course I understand what you guys are saying but at the end of the day, LBP comes under the PS3 List and I’m gald that on the 360 side a cheezy game like LBP is not the best thing to play on the 360. I told you Sackboy was your Maskot. LOL!! Looks like the PS3 is for the casual market. Andrew you have been on the wrong side the whole time. LOL
  21. lock_down:
    June 29th, 2009
    “I’m glad that on the 360 side a cheezy game like LBP is not the best thing to play on the 360.”

    Ooo, so that’s why Microsoft are making a LBP rival in Kodu is it…?

    And anyway, LBP isn’t the “best thing” to play on PS3 is it? The best thing to play on PS3 is GTA4, exactly like it is on the 360.

  22. Roca.:
    June 29th, 2009
    so what is the best “thing” u can play on the 360?

    Halo 3 – 4 hrs story mode, then all its left is more online shooting (a shooting game like anyother shooter)

    Gears of War – More shooting. the second a letdown compared to the first one. (……..oh yeah more anoter shooter)

    in the shooter category CoD4 is the KING and is out for both console. Killzone 2 is better than Halo 3.

    so thats it.. two shooter are ur best games. when COD4 and KZ2 are also high rated shooters that i can get on the PS3.

    but then there is LPB the Hightest rated exclusive for a reason. it has “endless gameplay possibilities”

    so CAD is sad the the best 360 games bring nothing to the gaming expierence and is on a crowed genre where get similar experience elsewhere. but LPB is on a class of its own

  23. Roca.:
    June 29th, 2009
    And anyway, LBP isn’t the “best thing” to play on PS3 is it? The best thing to play on PS3 is GTA4, exactly like it is on the 360.

    lock_down we are talking about exclusive.

  24. SW:
    June 29th, 2009
    @Arvis – ‘Er… wouldn’t that just mean that the Viva Pinata game was really really good?’



  25. CAD:
    June 29th, 2009
    I guess the same goes for the PS3, the best games are shooters. All there is is MGS4, Unchartered & Killzone. All Shooters. Lets throw in Resistance and Warhawk. More Shooters. So basically Halo and Gears trumps all of these games and offers more game play and innovation then the whole lot combined. The both together probably sold more copies too. LOL LOL LOL
  26. Arvis:
    June 29th, 2009
    @SW: OMGINORITE!?!? :D

    @CAD: So you’re just basically saying that you’re GLAD that the 360 is missing out on a really amazing game just because… because what? Because you don’t want the 360 to be associated with ANY game that has bright colors? I don’t get where you’re coming from here.


  27. Roca.:
    June 29th, 2009
    Resistance 2 has more innovation than both Halo 3 and GoW

    8-players Co-Op with 3 different classes
    60-player online matches
    New and Better Guns

    CAD stop saying nosense please.

  28. CarlB:
    June 29th, 2009
    Roca et al, if you want to see the complete “exclusive” (between PS3 and 360 only) lists for each console’s games rated 75 or higher on metacritic check here:

    I thought the number was surprisingly high in the 360’s favor at first (almost 3 to 1), but then evened up a little after considering other factors.

  29. Roca.:
    June 29th, 2009
    who cares most of those x360 games are from the year ahead release. the PS3 still have better exclisive.
  30. Roca.:
    June 29th, 2009
    you wanna talk about old games. lets bring the PS2 into play. do you want the numbers or what.

    looking at whats coming up. the PS3 is looking way better. with 4 MMOs, a whole bunch of JRPGs, and then there is MAG, UNCHARTED, HEAVY RAIN, AGENT, LAST GARDIAN AND MORE

  31. CarlB:
    June 29th, 2009
    Actually, counting all 2005 and 2006 releases would make 53 out of the 360’s 136… but I did already mention it as one of the factor’s that would even up the comparison.

    “better exclisive” … subjective. Personally I like RPG’s and the 360 seems to win out, for now, though it may change in the future.

    “Grudge Match: 360 v. PS3 Roleplaying Games
    Has Microsoft unseated Sony as king of the RPG?”

    Regardless, either console you own (if not all three, etc.) has plenty of great games to keep anybody happy.

  32. CarlB:
    June 29th, 2009
    Roca, I already mentioned PS2 games in the piece and actually argued in favor of the PS3.

    Release dates are famously tentative, especially with Sony.

  33. CAD:
    June 29th, 2009
    Carl B

    Don’t bother with list. Even though your list is impressive Roca will look at the whole thing and only see 2 games. Halo and Gears. His mind is too small to comprehend the rest.

  34. Barnabe Jones:
    June 29th, 2009

    Roca, please ignore Andy. He doesn’t have any pro-nintendo sites, because only old ladies and toddlers play the Wii.

    Carl, off the top of my head PS3 rpg exclusives…

    Valkaria Chronicles
    Disgaea 3
    Cross Edge
    Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
    Tales of Vesperia (expanded)
    White Knight Chronicles
    Demon’s Souls
    DC Universe Online
    The Agency
    Free Realms
    trinity universe
    Atelier Rorona
    FF VII
    Wild Arms 1 & 2
    FF Tactics
    FF I

    vs – Lost Odessy and a few of the worst games Square has ever released. *facepalm*

  35. Barnabe Jones:
    June 29th, 2009
    New idea for a form post: “Has the 360 destroyed Sqaure Enix’s reputation this gen?”.
  36. SW:
    June 29th, 2009
    The best about review lists is that they’re not even your own opinion, which is really what you should be using ;)

    Now of course you could agree with %100 of review lists %100 of the time I suppose, but I would think you’d be lying.

    On a side note, I’ve been playing Tales of Vesperia lately, its neat. I played the demo and dumped on it, but then gave it another shot and I enjoy it, nice game.

  37. SW:
    June 29th, 2009
    ^^ Oh I should add that this is not aimed at ‘exclusive lists’ which of course are not opinion… My bad for not pointing that out :)
  38. navyste:
    June 29th, 2009
    Lets ignore the fact that your all using one source as “evidence” who has the best exclusive i think you will find its actually mario galaxy. Now u can all hate the wii im not a big fan myself, but if ur going to use metacritc is evidence in your fanboy war u all now have to say the wii is best, because of the evidence u used.
  39. Arvis:
    June 29th, 2009
    I’m still of the opinion that if Nintendo had made Galaxy the exact same as they did, but without ANY ties to Mario whatsoever, it would have averaged in the low 80s with critics. So many glaring issues… all completely ignored. Nostalgia can be dangerous.


  40. SW:
    June 29th, 2009
    What glaring issues? :)
  41. Barnabe Jones:
    June 29th, 2009
    I agree. Galaxy was really good. Not the best game this gen, but still pretty good.

    ” I played the demo and dumped on it, but then gave it another shot and I enjoy it, nice game.”

    -Glad to hear you say that actually. I played the 360 demo also and I was not impressed. Maybe I will give it another chance.

  42. oldschool1987:
    June 29th, 2009
    is it wrong to have nothin but pure hate for andrew_DS? blatently still a school boy, everything he says is just wrong and childish. lets set him on fire lol.

    MGS4 best game eva eva eva eva!!! why oh why do they have 2 make another!

syafeerul: How to paint XBOX360 case

my XBOX360 does not look nice as compared to the Playstation 3 console. with matte white color, it looks pale and boring. so today i surf around to look for best way and methods on painting the console. i was thinking that i could paint this in shiny black.. and putting them both side by side together would look awesome.

first of all i need to ready the tools and items to be used. all i need to buy are those sand papers, primer, spray paint, and a polishing chemical. then i need to rip apart my X360. to do so, which would void the warranty, needs proper guidance. can’t afford to break any of the joints as this may cause problems in the future. for this purpose i’ve gathered some informations on doing that. next comes the painting part. once painting is done, polishing will make it shiny. and i’ve found just the right guide to get a mirror finish on my X360.

Guides on ripping the case off X360:

  1. Instructibles
  2. HubPages

Guides on paint job:

  1. Instructibles
  2. VideoGameConsoleSkins
  3. Tom’s Hardware
  4. AfterDawn

Guide on creating mirror finish:

  1. Instructibles Unofficial Guide to Grand Theft Auto IV Unofficial Guide to Grand Theft Auto IV

The Grand Theft Auto series made its debut on the PlayStation console and Windows PCs in 1997. However the series did not reach widespread popularity until 2001 with the release of Grand Theft Auto III for PlayStation 2. This game, in which players took control of a nameless, voiceless sociopath, introduced the series to a fully 3D world, ditching the top-down view for the now GTA standard forward view. Largely since then, the Grand Theft Auto series has been the target of many organizations, politicians, and concerned parents for its digital portrayal of crime and violence. Despite the fact that the series is often portrayed by the media and other outlets as nothing more than gratuitous gorefests, those who actually sit down to play the games will typically find a captivating storyline, interesting characters, and superb production values.

With that stated, the Grand Theft Auto games have been assigned the ESRB rating of “Mature,” intended for audiences ages 17 and older, as they contain a plethora of content not suitable for players below that age.

In the latest incarnation of the controversial series, players take on the role of one Niko Bellic, a European immigrant from the war-torn country of Serbia. The game is set in a remodeled Liberty City, the GTA universe’s fictional New York. Niko—lured to America by his cousin’s talk of mansions, women, and fast cars—rapidly discovers that he has been misled by his idealist cousin when he finds an old crummy apartment instead of a mansion, more cockroaches than women, and an old cab in place of a sports car. Moreover, the bad times Niko sought to escape have followed him to Liberty City and now threaten his own life, as well as the life of his cousin Roman. Will Niko achieve the American Dream, or find nothing but bloodshed?

If you need help with any aspect of the game, we’ve got you covered with this complete guide to each and every mission, as well as everything you’ll need to achieve that coveted 100% completion stat. There are location maps for the pigeons, stunt jumps, and random characters, as well as text descriptions and plenty of screenshots. There’s even more than that, so take a look!

found this website on Grand Theft Auto 4. im playing it now. it’s late but i kind of like the game so far. at first i thought its gonna be boring. despite having such awesome reviews on the net, i don’t quite like the gameplay of GTA. i played the Miami version on pc and it was quite boring. but its way different this time. kind of enjoying it. lots of things can be done here. at times when i just don’t really feel like killing or heavy gaming, i can just spend time playing some stupid side games like playing darts or pool. i did a lil surf on this game today. usually i’d get the game reviews or some simple guides on missions. but this particular website offers lots of things on this game. from mission guides to characters involved in this game. thanks to Super Cheats for bringing up such informative site..

Roman Abramavich’s $350M new toy launched on maiden voyage



Roman Abramovich’s most-awaited mega yachtEclipse,” touted as the world’s biggest yacht, has finally made a preliminary launch at the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg, Germany where it was built secretly for more than two years. The 170-meter yacht (557.6 feet) will feature 2 heli-pads, 20 water jets, a pool with large Havana bars surrounding it, a cinema, library, restaurant, private garden, 5,000-square-feet master suite, a private submarine boarding from the bottom of the yacht for a secret escape, and a missile-detection system to deflect pirate attacks safely. The 9-deck megayacht has at least five possible exits, which literally makes it the safest yacht ever built. This 557-foot Eclipse has literally eclipsed all other vessels, including the 525-foot vessel “Platinum 525” owned by the Crown Prince of Dubai, earlier known as world’s biggest yacht. The $350 million mega yacht will undergo further construction and will be delivered to her owner in 2010. Continue reading

Activated Full Size Gundam Robot Looks Totally, Absofrikinlutely ZOMG!

Holy frak. If you thought the 59-foot-tall Gundam in Tokyo was impressive when it was finished, you haven’t seen it fully armed and operative at night. Beautiful and actually scary. Check the impressive close up:

Come on people, let’s start building these robots now. I’m sure the bad aliens are going to come any second now, so better hurry up. Don’t forget to check the rest of the beautiful shots at Pink Tentacle.

such nice shots of Gundam in Tokyo. and that’s really biiiiggg.. maybe one day we can see a movie Gundam vs Autobots. article from Gizmodo.

Aishwarya, Shah Rukh ‘Actors of the Decade’

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan arrive on the “green carpet” at the 10th International Indian Film Academy awards ceremony in Macau on Saturday.

Macau: Superstars Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan were declared ‘Actors of the Decade’ at the IIFA awards here on Saturday night. Aishwarya won two honorary awards for her work in Indian and international cinema, while Shah Rukh was honoured for his work in Bollywood. The 35-year-old actress, who also performed on stage at the function, received both trophies while Shah Rukh missed the ceremony because he is shooting for his upcoming film ‘My Name is Khan.’ The 43-year-old actor, who began his career on the small screen, beat Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Abhishek Bachchan to the title. Aishwarya won the ‘Golden Decade’ award for her memorable performances in the past 10 years, beating off competition from Rani Mukherjee, Preity Zinta, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. While Aishwarya shot to global recognition with international projects like ‘Pink Panther’ and ‘Provoked,’ Khan too has a global following as the ‘Badshah of Bollywood.’ The former Miss World won the ‘Outstanding Achievement by Indian in International Cinema’ award which was bagged last year by musician A.R. Rahman who won the ‘Golden Decade of Music’ award for his contribution to Indian films. — PTI

Shah Rukh Khan.. i love his movies. yaa i watch bollywood.. can’t i? my mom watch those kind of movies so i just accompanied her.. article from The Hindu.

Bryant, Jackson and the Lakers Add to Their Trophy Collections

Elsa/Getty Images: The Lakers after defeating the Magic on Sunday in Orlando, Florida.
Published: June 15, 2009
ORLANDO, Fla. — Kobe Bryant’s chase for a fourth N.B.A. title had taken the form of a horse hunting for a carrot tethered teasingly in front of him. The prize was always within eyesight, always elusive.

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers after defeating the Orlando Magic for the championship. That pursuit ended Sunday night. The cord was cut, the race ceased. Forget carrots — Bryant can now savor the carats that will adorn another championship ring. The Lakers found their destination to their 15th N.B.A. championship after a meandering route. When the final buzzer sounded, they stood with an 99-86 series-clinching victory in Game 5 against the Orlando Magic, whose season-long resilience was lost amid Bryant’s efficiency. With 30 points Sunday, Bryant secured his first finals Most Valuable Player award. The ear-splitting chants of “Beat L.A.” early in the game at Amway Arena were replaced by choruses of “M.V.P.” as Bryant marched to the free-throw line late in the game.

The champagne-drenched evening ended a seven-year championship drought in which speed bumps had turned into mountains for the Lakers. In the stretch between titles, the Lakers had become burdened by soap-opera story lines: from the trade of Shaquille O’Neal to the retirement and rehiring of Coach Phil Jackson to the disappointing showing in last season’s finals against the Boston Celtics. Jackson now has 10 titles — 6 from his tenure with the Chicago Bulls and 4 with the Lakers — to surpass the legendary Celtics patriarch Red Auerbach. The titles were flanked by disappointment, and Jackson’s scalp now shows more salt and less pepper, the accumulation of layered trials before another triumph. Jackson’s hair was covered after the win Sunday by a gold cap, with the Roman numeral X on it. He called the moment “surreal.” “I wasn’t at the stage of my life where I could get out and do the things that I had done 10 years ago or 15 years ago to push a team,” Jackson said. “And they pushed themselves and I really feel strongly that this is about them. However, having won 10 championships is a remarkable championship, there’s no doubt about it.”

Bryant and Derek Fisher — two cogs that connect the last Lakers championship in 2002 to this one — each have four titles; their redemption arriving a year after they faltered badly against the Celtics. There was no such cowering against the Magic. In a series defined by comebacks, overtimes and missed opportunities, the clinching game felt anticlimactic. After Rafer Alston’s 3-pointer earlier in the third quarter, the Magic was within striking distance, 58-53. Lamar Odom, who had 17 points, responded with consecutive 3s and the Lakers again separated themselves by double digits, a margin they maintained the rest of the game. Dwight Howard, who legitimized his status as one of the game’s stars during the postseason, had his night largely stymied by the defensive efforts of Pau Gasol. Howard was humbled by fouls on the defensive end and harassed by Gasol, who finished with 14 points and 15 rebounds, on the offensive end. Howard ended his season quietly with 11 points and 10 rebounds.

The Magic fought back several times this postseason, rallying from a season derailing injury to the All-Star point guard Jameer Nelson and series deficits against the Philadelphia 76ers and the Celtics. It fell short of the biggest trick of all. The more Bryant yearned for another ring — perhaps to validate his post O’Neal legacy — the more it seemed to slip through his grasp. “It was like Chinese water torture, just keep dropping a drop of water on your temple,” Bryant said of the talk that he could not win a title without O’Neal. “It was just annoying. I would cringe every time. I was just like, it’s a challenge I’m just going to have to accept because there’s no way I’m going to argue it.” With the title all but secured, Bryant’s emotions came out when he hugged Sasha Vujacic as the Lakers crowded one another during a timeout, their lead at 97-84, with 40.4 seconds left in the game. His hands free from Mickael Pietus and Courtney Lee, Bryant leaped in the air several times as the buzzer sounded and soon was holding his daughters Natalia and Gianna. On Sunday, Bryant made 10 of his 23 shots and all eight of his free throws. In the five-game series, he scored at least 30 points four times.

The Lakers largely shed themselves of Orlando in the first half. There was a brief head-to-head between the former teammates Hedo Turkoglu and Trevor Ariza. Both were given technicals and after a nerve-settling timeout, Ariza’s 3-point shot gave the Lakers their first lead, 42-40, with 5 minutes 9 seconds left in the first half. Ariza, who ended with 15 points, sank another and scrambled for two steals as part of a defining 16-0 run that lifted the Lakers to a 56-46 halftime lead. “They just always had an answer, Orlando Coach Stan Van Gundy said. “We just couldn’t get over the top.” Bryant’s series-long scowl was replaced by another look in the first quarter as Orlando raced to a 15-6 lead. He grimaced on the bench and covered his face with a towel after losing the ball on a double team by Rashard Lewis and Lee in a tussle that appeared bother a nagging finger injury. Bryant resurfaced immediately with a stepback jumper and a 3-pointer and finished the quarter with 11 points. As the game pressed on, he showed no effects of the early aches. He embodied the championship path the Lakers took. They were damaged early and strong late. The Lakers began the postseason in lackluster fashion and struggled heavily against the decimated Houston Rockets in the second round, then gained their swagger as the playoffs wore on, dismissing the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference finals and finally, the Magic.

watched the third game when Magic won. it was a good game. Lakers showed some good moves and Magic made some awesome comebacks. Magic was strong with Howard in the team. Lakers was even stronger with Bryant and Fisher combined. but neither is my favorite. i’ve always support Miami Heat. hope they’ll do better next season. c’mon Wade.. article from The New York Times.

syafeerul: Nintendo Wii

Chu (my auntie) called me last nite.. she told me about her cat that was getting fat after a week under my care. haha.. they ate a lot i guess. but that wasn’t the main point last nite.. she wanted to ask me about Nintendo Wii. i don’t know much about this coz i don’t own one. and i’m not interested to own one since its genre of games are not the type that i played.. so i surf and read about this console on the net. not much info but at least something to start with..

What is Nintendo Wii

Why do I need Wii?

Wii is not just a gaming console, it’s a reason to get together with your friends and family and play today’s hottest games. Wii offers legendary Nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda and Metroid, as well as all new classics like Wii Sports and Wii Play. Create your own Mii character to star in Wii games. Play friends online over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or use the Internet Channel to surf the net from your sofa. You can even download classic Nintendo games using the Wii Shop Channel. Take a look around and see why your TV is not complete without Wii.

See Wii in action

Wii has got the whole world playing. Hop over to to see how Wii brings people together.


WiiConnect24 enables Wii to stay online 24/7 and download updates – even on standby.

Wii Tech

Experience the joys of gaming or surfing the net with a wireless Wii Remote and tuck in the compact Wii console near your TV to fit your lifestyle. Easy to set-up and easy to use, Wii is ready for you (or anyone) to play.

from Nintendo.

Nintendo Wii on


The Wii is Nintendo’s latest effort in the console market. Battling its way against two other consoles, the Wii presents itself as one of the best machines to be released with its innovation in playing games. rather than using standard buttons and joystick, it also incorporates motion sensing where gestures and movements play a big role when playing the game.

Machine Features

-Backwards Compatibility with all Gamecube titles (Must have Gamecube controller and Memory card to play).
-Mii Channel for creating Avatars of your ownself.
-Photo channel for moments to slideshow the pictures you’ve taken. A good party feature.
-The News and Weather channel for news all around the world and weather updates in major capitals.
-Wii Shop Channel for either buying more channels for the Wii or games from the 80s and 90s and of various consoles too.
-The Nintendo Channel for videos on games, and even demos for the Nintendo DS (The DS is sold seperately).
-Send messages to one Wii and another by using the virtual keyboard or the USB keyboard (Sold Seperately).

Technical Specs

CPU: PowerPC based “Broadway” processor, made with a 90 nm SOI CMOS process, clocked at 729 MHz
GPU: ATI “Hollywood” GPU made with a 90 nm CMOS process,[33] clocked at 243 MHz
Ports and peripheral capabilities:
– Up to four Wii Remote controllers (connected wirelessly via Bluetooth).
– One SD memory card slot. (Supports up to 32GB)
– Two USB 2.0 ports.
– One Sensor Bar port.
– One accessory port on the bottom of the Wii Remote.
– Four Nintendo GameCube controller ports.
– Two Nintendo GameCube memory card ports.
– Mitsumi DMW-W004 WiFi 802.11b/g wireless module
– Compatible with optional USB 2.0 to Ethernet LAN adaptor.
– 512 MB built-in flash memory.
– Expansion available via SD card memory, 2 GB maximum supported capacity.
– GameCube Memory Cards (for saving GCN games only).
– Slot-loading disc drive compatible with:
– 8 cm GameCube optical disc.
– 12 cm Wii Optical Disc.
– Mask ROM by Macronix.
– Up to 480p (PAL/NTSC) or 576i (PAL/SECAM), standard 4:3 and 16:9 anamorphic widescreen.
– Component (including Progressive scan), RGB SCART (PAL only), S-Video (NTSC only), composite output, or D-Terminal.
Main: Stereo – Dolby Pro Logic II-capable.
Controller: Built-in speaker
Credits go to Zio and Signither.


Perhaps the only sad thing in the Wii is the part where region lock is a problem. Due to the region lock, there are 3 different machines released. US, PAL (Europe and Australia), and Japan.
While the machine is region locked, accessories are not. Remotes and Wii Fit board are known to be accessible by all consoles. Wii Fit boards however differ on the limit weight you can use it with.

Going Online with the Wii

In Malaysia, TMnet Streamyx works well with the Wii. Wireless broadbands such as P1 Wimax also work (Credits to Penman).

Official Wii in Malaysia

Malaysia’s officially released Wii is the US region. Malaysia would also be home to a tremendous amount of US Wii titles.
The Malaysian US Wii is sold at RM1299 at retail in shops and garage sales thread. It would normally come with a 1 year warranty by the official distributor of Nintendo products in Malaysia, MM Soft. The package would include:
-The Wii
-A Wii Remote and Nunchunck set
-AA Batteries for the Wii Remote
-A Sensor bar for the Wii Remote to communicate with
-A silicon cover for the Wii Remote
-AV Composite cables
-Malaysian adapter
-Wii Sports game
-Manuals and warranty card
-A stand for the Wii
-A disc for holding the Wii at the bottom.


Here are some of the problems with illegally modified Wiis.
-Missing channels. With modifications, Shops can take away channels as they place. Some of the channels would already have been included, but when you realize its gone, it would mean they have stolen it away from you. Some would also would charge you just to put back the channels that already came with the Wii in the first place.
-Wii Shop Channel problems. If you’re using another region’s console (exp: Japan), buying a Virtual Console game from the US would be hazardous to the Wii. Even the servers would feel awkward trying to connect from a US server to a Japan server due to region locks.
-Game compatibility. Updates in the frimware of a modified console can render some games of the past to be ruined. You might not be able to boot up certain games of the past when it should be just essential in the first place.
-Ruining the Wii. Updating the firmware can also lead to the Wii getting itself bricked. Turned into a paper weight, you name it. A firmware from 1 region, updating another, would render the console useless.

this was written by a forumer in refer Kyoyagami on

Inside the system and under the hood.

by Amy McDonough,  11.06.2006

In the scheme of present-day console marketing, Nintendo’s name may have become synonymous with innovation and creativity, but not design appeal. The Wii’s core system breaks from past Romper Room-esque toy schematics (such as the GameCube) with a sleeker, compact, and modern design. In this age of amassing consumer electronics in the living room, bigger isn’t always better. At about 8.5 inches long, 6 inches wide, and less than 2 inches thick, it’s about the same size of a hardback novel, and makes the competitions’ larger systems seem bloated and superfluous by comparison.

The Video
The Wii is designed to meet the greater demands for processing power from today’s software and is about twice as powerful as the GameCube. Keeping it simple, the console ships with composite AV cables that make it easy for you to plug the Wii in and start playing on a standard television set. However, Nintendo isn’t ignoring the growing audience that owns wide-screen televisions. The Wii supports 16:9 anamorphic widescreen format in 480 progressive scan resolution, but to get this resolution quality, you need a separate set of 480p component cables that are only available through online retailers. However consumers choose to view their games, the Wii’s graphics won’t be the equivalent of the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. However, Nintendo’s focus on standard compatibility and lack of HD resolution support makes the Wii more accessible to the average consumer than the other next-gen systems.
The Audio
Although the Wii does not have the optical output necessary for digital audio, it does support Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound over the traditional analog channels. But Nintendo does something different with sound, putting the Wii Remote to work in a new way by providing built-in speakers within the controller. Players will have an immersive surround sound experience as they hear the crack of the bat not only through their TV or sound system, but also in their hand. Networking
Even though the Wii is Nintendo’s smallest home console system to date, the hardware is packed with possibilities. Big names such as IBM made the Wii’s PowerPC CPU (codenamed “Broadway”), and the graphics processor developed with ATI help make the Wii a solid design at a reasonable price. Unlike the different versions–and price tags–of the Xbox 360 or the PS3, the Wii has one standard version. Every unit will have the same features and power out of the box, making the Wii easy to network and connect for Internet access. Whether users want to connect with their Nintendo DS or other Wii-playing friends, or download classic titles, they will be able to do it wirelessly via its built-in IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi or a USB-to-Ethernet adaptor. The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is free and includes features such as the WiiConnect24 automatic software updater, Virtual Console for downloading beloved retro Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, TubroGrafx-16, and Nintendo 64 titles (for a fee) and the Wii Browser (free until June 2007). No wireless? No worries. That’s where the Wii Ethernet Kit comes in. It allows users to connect the console to a standard Internet router without wireless support.
The Box
So what exactly can you expect when you pick up a Wii? The initial box includes console and stand, one Wii Remote, one Nunchuk, one sensor bar, AC adapter, standard AV cables, and startup disc. Additionally, the standard bundle units sold in North America include a copy of Wii Sports. This has been termed in select boxes, though, and could be discontinued at some point in the future.
The Controller
Powered by Bluetooth, the Wii Remote is wireless and designed with force-feedback, an integrated accelerometer, and senses linear motion as well as tilt. The feedback is registered through a tracking image sensor and registered on a sensor bar which is placed near the TV. The Wii Remote establishes a point in space relative to the game and then transmits the player feedback accurately within the bounds of the game. Retro games are played by simply turning the controller sideways to become the traditional paddle controller of past Nintendo consoles.
  • CPU: 729MHz PowerPC-based “Broadway” processor made with a 90nm SOI CMOS process, jointly developed with and manufactured by IBM.
  • GPU: 243MHz ATI “Hollywood” processor.


  • 1T-SRAM

Ports and peripheral capabilities:

  • Up to four Wii Remote controllers (connected via Bluetooth)
  • One SD memory card slot
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • One Sensor Bar port
  • Four Nintendo GameCube controller ports
  • Two Nintendo GameCube memory card ports
  • Compatible with USB 2.0 to Ethernet LAN adaptor


  • 512 MB internal flash memory
  • Expansion available via SD card memory
  • Slot-loading disc drive compatible with 8-cm GameCube optical disc and 12 cm Wii optical disc.

Built-in content ratings systems:



  • Up to 480p (NTSC) or 576p (PAL/SECAM), will work with most TV or projector.
  • Component (including Progressive scan), S-Video, or composite output
  • 16:9 anamorphic widescreen support
  • Note: Component cables must be purchased separately. GameCube component cables are not compatible with the console.


  • Main: Stereo, Dolby Pro Logic II-capable
  • Controller: Built-in speaker
this is the technical details of the Nintendo Wii. from 1UP.
after talking to her again this morning, she decided to buy one soon. will update later if necessary..

Breastlight: A Light for Breasts

OK, no tit jokes on this one because breast cancer is a serious matter. This is Breastlight, a home appliance that will help women monitor her bosom for lumps.

While the manufacturer claims that Breastlight is not a substitute for a professional mammogram screening, the $125 device could be a potentially lifesaving device, as it could be used as a monitoring and early warning gadget at home. Women are advised to use their hands to feel their breasts for lumps in the shower, but with this light they can actually see what is going on and see changes through time. In the case she finds something weird, they can go to the doctor for an expert opinion. And if it’s nothing, great. But better be an alarmist than sorry.

The Breastlight—which comes with a temperature sign to warn about overheating and has rechargeable batteries—only activates at full power when the lens get in contact with the skin. And yes, you may be able to do the same with a really powerful flashlight, but I will advise against that. [Breastlight via Medgadget]

so now u can actually see this at home. this device acts sees through the skin and helps us to identify underneath the skin. watch the video on Gizmodo.