‘Prototype’: An open-world rampage

Alex Mercer, the star of Activision’s Prototype, sums up his plight best at the start of the open-world action game.

“They call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist.  I’m all of these things.”

Alex is also the ultimate human weapon, based on a brief playthrough of Prototype at Activision’s E3 booth.

Alex is genetically mutated, equipped with shape-shifting abilities.  Enraged, Alex scours New York City to hunt down those responsible and seek revenge.

Prototype urges players to create as much carnage as possible.  Alex is incredibly strong, lifting cars and hurling them at enemy soldiers.  He also exhibits extraordinary jumping abilities and can free run up buildings.

Alex shape-shifting powers can be used to deliver highly lethal attacks.  One transformation turns Alex’s hands into huge fists, which he uses to smash a pair of oncoming tanks.  During another battle, Alex spawns huge claws that shoot through the street when he punches the ground.

Prototype looks brutal and bloody and moved smoothly, although the game seemed to lack sharp visuals.  As players might expect, the open-world game draws immediate comparisons to the PlayStation 3 release inFAMOUS.

Prototype provides a more visceral, bloody experience.  The game focuses heavily on how much mayhem a player can create.  inFAMOUS seems better at emphasizing player choice in whether they perform as a good or bad guy.  The key for Prototype may be how well developers encourage players to explore the city.

We’ll have a better sense of Prototype soon, when it releases next week.  Readers, which game do you think will be better?

By Brett Molina

inFamous or Prototype? article from USA Today.


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  1. I tried unboxing inFAMOUS special edition but it went shockingly wrong… Check out the video:

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