Unofficial Guide to Grand Theft Auto IV Unofficial Guide to Grand Theft Auto IV

The Grand Theft Auto series made its debut on the PlayStation console and Windows PCs in 1997. However the series did not reach widespread popularity until 2001 with the release of Grand Theft Auto III for PlayStation 2. This game, in which players took control of a nameless, voiceless sociopath, introduced the series to a fully 3D world, ditching the top-down view for the now GTA standard forward view. Largely since then, the Grand Theft Auto series has been the target of many organizations, politicians, and concerned parents for its digital portrayal of crime and violence. Despite the fact that the series is often portrayed by the media and other outlets as nothing more than gratuitous gorefests, those who actually sit down to play the games will typically find a captivating storyline, interesting characters, and superb production values.

With that stated, the Grand Theft Auto games have been assigned the ESRB rating of “Mature,” intended for audiences ages 17 and older, as they contain a plethora of content not suitable for players below that age.

In the latest incarnation of the controversial series, players take on the role of one Niko Bellic, a European immigrant from the war-torn country of Serbia. The game is set in a remodeled Liberty City, the GTA universe’s fictional New York. Niko—lured to America by his cousin’s talk of mansions, women, and fast cars—rapidly discovers that he has been misled by his idealist cousin when he finds an old crummy apartment instead of a mansion, more cockroaches than women, and an old cab in place of a sports car. Moreover, the bad times Niko sought to escape have followed him to Liberty City and now threaten his own life, as well as the life of his cousin Roman. Will Niko achieve the American Dream, or find nothing but bloodshed?

If you need help with any aspect of the game, we’ve got you covered with this complete guide to each and every mission, as well as everything you’ll need to achieve that coveted 100% completion stat. There are location maps for the pigeons, stunt jumps, and random characters, as well as text descriptions and plenty of screenshots. There’s even more than that, so take a look!

found this website on Grand Theft Auto 4. im playing it now. it’s late but i kind of like the game so far. at first i thought its gonna be boring. despite having such awesome reviews on the net, i don’t quite like the gameplay of GTA. i played the Miami version on pc and it was quite boring. but its way different this time. kind of enjoying it. lots of things can be done here. at times when i just don’t really feel like killing or heavy gaming, i can just spend time playing some stupid side games like playing darts or pool. i did a lil surf on this game today. usually i’d get the game reviews or some simple guides on missions. but this particular website offers lots of things on this game. from mission guides to characters involved in this game. thanks to Super Cheats for bringing up such informative site..


2 responses to “ Unofficial Guide to Grand Theft Auto IV

    • the game was not that hard as compared to previous GTA. but it was fun. and graphics was quite nice. but as said from that website, its pretty hard to get 100% completion since that requires u to get all the pigeons. in which, is very tough without guides..

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