syafeerul: How to paint XBOX360 case

my XBOX360 does not look nice as compared to the Playstation 3 console. with matte white color, it looks pale and boring. so today i surf around to look for best way and methods on painting the console. i was thinking that i could paint this in shiny black.. and putting them both side by side together would look awesome.

first of all i need to ready the tools and items to be used. all i need to buy are those sand papers, primer, spray paint, and a polishing chemical. then i need to rip apart my X360. to do so, which would void the warranty, needs proper guidance. can’t afford to break any of the joints as this may cause problems in the future. for this purpose i’ve gathered some informations on doing that. next comes the painting part. once painting is done, polishing will make it shiny. and i’ve found just the right guide to get a mirror finish on my X360.

Guides on ripping the case off X360:

  1. Instructibles
  2. HubPages

Guides on paint job:

  1. Instructibles
  2. VideoGameConsoleSkins
  3. Tom’s Hardware
  4. AfterDawn

Guide on creating mirror finish:

  1. Instructibles

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