syafeerul: absence…

been a while since i last posted anything here..
i was busy with work lately. our gas turbine minor overhaul just finished few weeks ago. mechanical team put up a new design for our jacking oil system. few days after commissioning, our machine shows problem with jacking oil pressure. the gas turbine went down again. everyone was down looking at what may cause the pressure unable to build up. after days of search, the team decided to inspect our bearing. they found debris of metal in jacking oil pipeline. that might have caused it. our bearing was badly scratched. the shaft was hurt as well but not that bad. clean-up was done. last monday, the machine went back online. no problems so far.

beside work, i do surf but not as much. im looking for a steering wheel for me to play with my consoles. came across quite a number of options. but the best was either Logitech G25 or Fanatec Porsche Turbo S. although i fancied the Porsche Turbo S, but the price tag was too expensive. not to mention its not available here in which will cost extra money to ship it here. the G25 however seemed to be a better bet as its cheaper and available here. still, i’m not sure whether spending that much on a gaming peripheral is worth it. i have the option to buy Logitech Driving Force GT which is half the price of G25. i’ve read lots of recommendations. all in favor of G25. personally i would like to have that G25. but with that price tag, will i make use of it that much? will it be worthy? i am preparing for GT5. and pretty sure that the price wont drop much further any soon. and it may rise up once GT5 came out later. im in a deep confused status.. again.. anyhow im about to make the decision very soon…

for now.. lets just sit and think again..

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