syafeerul: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and G25

i purchased this game few days ago. only last night i managed to start playing.. been busy with work and birthday celeb with my dearest lurvy..

i tried couple of races with my almost 2 weeks old Logitech G25. it was quite tough. i hardly finish first in any of the races. some i didn’t even finish. spinning and drifting aimlessly.. but the driving was not as tough as driving in GRID. G25 and GRID doesn’t seem to match at all. too easy to spin the car.. on GT5P its a bit easier but i guess being new to the wheel needs some adjustment.

days before, i read on the net that to make better transition from the Sixaxis (PS3 Controller) to steering wheel is to beat our own best lap time using Sixaxis. so i took out the G25 from the PS3. deleted all the save games and start fresh.

my Class C race starts at about 12am. with my Sixaxis ready, i went to car dealers and bought Suzuki Cappuccino ’95. i started with Lightweight Car races. didn’t face much problems as i completed all on gold except bronze for time trial which proves to be very challenging. with that category done, i went on to buy Honda Integra Type R ’04. again gold on all races except silver at eiger circuit. class C completed at about 2am.

im planning on doing something tough tonight. i will try to at least get the same achievement if not better with my G25. will update on this soon..

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