syafeerul: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and G25 – Part II

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syafeerul: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and G25

i’ve completed my G25 driving course on Class C two days ago. it was not that bad. i manage to equal my achievment with sixaxis. better? nope. bronze with cappuccino for time trial and silver for eiger circuit.

difference 1: the driving at daytona speedway is much easier with G25. on single attempt i manage to overtake 16 cars in single lap challenge. with sixaxis, i need few attempts before making gold.

difference 2: eiger circuit is much easier with sixaxis i guess. sharp corners are quite difficult to handle with the wheel.

difference 3: driving on manual at eiger was very challenging. its a bit easier with sixaxis as u only need to have coordination between fingers. with G25, hand-foot coordination is a must. its much tougher to get precise braking and gear shifting with G25.

difference 4: the advantage of using G25 is that at wide corners, u can control pressure applied for gas which means u will gain slightly more speed as compared to sixaxis where u usually tap release tap to control speed.

last night i started Class B. i started the class by using G25. after looking into what are the races to compete here, i went to the dealership and bought Nissan R35 GT-R ’07. the car is very much too powerful for its competitors in this class. completed most on gold except bronze on time trial. then there was another couple of races. one with my old integra, to overtake 16 cars in single lap. this time its tough compared to the race in Class C. slipstreaming or drafting is hard to get here. i ended bronze for this race. another one requires me to drive Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR ’05. time trial at eiger. bronze was my best time.

next will be a repetition of Class B with sixaxis. will see if my sixaxis produces any better result or it was just at par with G25. till pen meet paper again (finger meet keyboard??)..

Dry out your soaked gadgets in rice


A Washington Post reporter who accidentally dropped his Blackberry in the toilet was able to retrieve it and dry it out to working order again: by leaving it turned off in a bowl of uncooked rice. Reader Chris writes in to say:

There’s a grain of truth (punny, huh?) to this in that rice quickly sucks up the surrounding moisture. Make sure the environment is free from excess humidity, drop the wet device in a container of rice and let it sit. For a better desiccant, it’d be a good idea to store all those little silica gel packets that come in anything from shoe boxes to moisture-sensitive gadgets.

Here are some more tips on drying out a soaked gadget from our very own Adam, who resuscitated a cell phone after swimming half a lap with it in his pocket.

can try this next time. still using the old method – hair dryer.. article from Lifehacker.

How To Install Garmin Mobile XT for Windows Mobile Phone

Garmin Mobile XT is one of wonderful handy application to GPS enabled mobile phone, especially for Symbian 60 series and Windows Mobile. When I first get my Samsung Omnia phone, it was nothing than only with a small bunch of basic Windows Mobile application. So I decide to install this one, Garmin Mobile XT since I really need this to travel up down left and right. The best part is, it’s FREE and no data consumption.

Have no intention of sending the phone to phone shop for GPS installation, I decided to try on my own. Here are steps what I did and posted here will maybe be my reference in future time. At first, let’s have a look on what we can do with Garmin Mobile XT:

Listed here are what needed to install Garmin Mobile XT to Windows Mobile Phone:

  • GPS Navigation Enabled Phone, in my case, I’m using Samsung Omnia.
  • A Windows computer with Microsoft ActiveSync installed (Download ActiveSynce if you don’t have one).
  • USB Cable to connect phone with the computer
  • Garmin Mobile XT application (available to download at Garmin site)

Installing Garmin Mobile XT

First off, there are three (3) main downloads needed to perform the operation. Download all these application.

Connect your device to the computer using the USB cable. Make sure that you are connected via Microsoft ActiveSync. Download all the above files to your computer, double click the file, install, and choose the installation location to your mobile phone. In my case, I choose to install to “My Storage”, and the installation directory will look like this:

My Storage\Garmin\

Finish up the installation. Install all three Garmin Mobile XT, Support files and Free basemap one by one with the same procedure. Disconnect your mobile phone from the PC and see your mobile phone for new application installation process.

Adding GPS Map files to your Garmin Mobile XT

Now that we’re all set with the application, it’s time to install GPS map files to your mobile phone. In my case, I use MalsingMaps Malaysia and Singapore map. You need to download the installer files to your PC first, and it is available here:

  • MalsingMaps Malaysia and Singapore map (MFM) : Download (at the moment: MFM v1.60)
  • MelsingMaps Malaysia and Singapore Topo map (MFM-SRTM) : Download (at the moment:  MFM-SRTM v1.02)

Now that you’ve downloaded both these files. Reconnect your mobile phone back to your PC with USB cable. This time, I will not going to connect my phone via ‘ActiveSync’, but connect via ‘Mass Storage’. On your mobile phone, go ‘Start > Settings > Connection > USB connection’ and choose ‘Mass Storage’. Now connect it to the computer.

Open up the downloaded files on your PC by double clicking the MFM map installer file. Follow the installation guide here. Repeat the installation process to MFM-SRTM topo map.

Now that all set and you are ready to go!

Additional For Testing Purpose : Keygen

Garmin Mobile XT is not free, it comes with 15 days trial. There is a keygen available by searching to Google, Aand here’s how to crack them up. Take note that please support the original one, since updates will becoming more handy.

  1. Upon exploring ‘File Explorer’ at your mobile phone, go to the partition you’ve installed Garmin Mobile XT, and you’ll find the folder “2577″. Delete Download the folder.
  2. Run you Garmin Mobile XT application, go to ” Tools > Settings > About “.
  3. Copy all the information, ID numbers anywhere on a paper.
  4. Run IMEI to UnitID Converter v1.0, Use CardID as your IMEI if you are using Windows Mobile phone. Find your IMEI and use it.
  5. Generate your UnitID
  6. Run Garmin Keygen 1.5 , paste out the UnitID there and click ‘generate’.
  7. You will be given a software unlock code. Copy the code number.
  8. Run notepad, paste down the code, and save the file as SW.UNL (not SW.UNL.txt)
  9. Connect your PC with your mobile phone and copy the SW.UNL file to root directory where you install Garmin. In my case, ‘ “My Storage”/ ‘
  10. Restart your Garmin Mobile XT. Done.

Garmin Mobile XT Keygen June 5, 2009 at 12:38 pm

Dude, here are keygen Download Link:

Note: For test only. Please buy the original one. You can find lot original license selling at cheap price.

ivan lim June 9, 2009 at 5:10 pm

i hv install GarminMobileXTforSymbianS603rdEdition_50050 into my nokia 5800, but still cant to view malaysia’s map. how to genarate the product key? where can get the id? please help me.. if can please gv me the wedside to download.. thanks..

Hanep June 9, 2009 at 9:47 pm

@ivan lim : the method is just the same with mine. only the software of Garmin Mobile XT is different. Yours is Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian.

Download :

The installation is just the same like what i did.
Another guide you can refer:

leong June 11, 2009 at 1:18 pm

can i install garmin xt 50020 to my chinese gps “igo g6 navigator?my navigator is window ce v5

Hanep June 11, 2009 at 9:50 pm

@leong : Refer here : for supported device with Garmin Mobile XT.

leong June 12, 2009 at 2:50 pm

i can’t see my unit id.i just got device device sn 1608081100007344 butthe converter just 15 no only.i am using garmin mobile xt 50020wp.what can i do now.i am try many version mobile xt but same dervice id:17826272.

Hanep June 18, 2009 at 11:06 pm

@leong : try using your IMEI number. Insert the code starting the first one until the is no much space have.

harou June 27, 2009 at 3:21 am

hi bro, i really need help, my IMEI to UnitID Converter v1.0 is not working, it keep saying that i enter a invalid imei….. which i already tried using my card id and my imei id but it still fails to work….i am using a hp ipaq 612c with windows mobile 6.1

Hanep June 28, 2009 at 11:36 am

It’s working. Try to find your IMEI by *#06# (if avail) and use it to generate UnitID. Remove 2 unit at the last of the number if your IMEI got more number that what requested, and just try to get the UnitID.

miri June 27, 2009 at 7:21 am

hi, i have installed garmin mobile xt but on front page its no signal?

Hanep June 28, 2009 at 11:27 am

It’s normal. Your either in poor satellite reception or still waiting for the satellite to reach you. Have a wait for some time, or go outside from your house to get better signal

ong June 27, 2009 at 1:23 pm


you wrote : Upon exploring ‘File Explorer’ at your mobile phone, go to the partition you’ve installed Garmin Mobile XT, and you’ll find the folder “2577″. Download the folder.

i went ot 2577 folder but then dunno what to do with it
what do u mean by download the folder?

Hanep June 28, 2009 at 11:28 am

My typo mistake. Not download, but DELETE. Thanks :)

great guide on how to install Garmin Mobile XT on our Windows Mobile phones. i decided to include some of the comments as they might be useful to some of us. article stolen from

Fergie confident in striking soccer options

By John Weaver (AFP)

HANGZHOU, China — Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson says he has “strong options” up front going into the new Premier League season after all his strikers caught the eye on their tour of Asia.

New signing Michael Owen continued a fine start to his United career in the final match of the pre-season tour, netting a brace in Sunday’s clash against China’s Hangzhou Greentown to add to two goals in Malaysia.

Speaking after the 8-2 rout of Hangzhou, Ferguson said his intention on the tour had been to rotate his front men — Owen, Dimitar Berbatov, Wayne Rooney and teenager Federico Macheda — as he weighs up his options following the departures of Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez.

Ferguson, chasing a record fourth consecutive Premier League crown, paired Owen and Berbatov from the start for the first time in China and both found the net in the opening period.

“We didn’t use Macheda tonight but I think it gives us strong options,” he said.

“I think that Macheda’s development obviously as we saw the other night is good for a 17-year-old boy and he’s got the physical attributes to go with it.”

With the experience of Berbatov and Owen, and the talent of Rooney, “I think we’re not too bad,” Ferguson said.

While admitting the clash against Hangzhou was not the toughest test for his team, the Scot was delighted with the quality of play from his side and said they were coming to the boil as the new season loomed.

“Some of our forward play and penetration was absolutely first-class so for that reason I’ve got to be delighted,” Ferguson said after seeing veteran Ryan Giggs score a second-half hat-trick.

The United boss spoke highly of Owen, 29, signed on a free transfer earlier this month, and the experience he brings to the side.

“I think his contribution and overall play of a game is definitely suited to us. (He’s) very cool in the last third of the field. He knows when to run and when to hold his runs,” he said.

And Ferguson again justified his decision to hand the former Newcastle and England man the iconic number seven shirt, worn by star players such as George Best, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Ronaldo.

“The criteria for giving the number seven jersey are quite clear. It’s a jersey that has been worn by some high-profile players and I think we have that in Michael Owen,” he said.

United, who won all four of their fixtures on their Asian tour — including two in Malaysia and one in South Korea — continue their pre-season preparations at the Audi Cup in Germany where they will face Boca Juniors on July 29.

Ferguson confirmed to MUTV that the squad will be joined in Germany by three reinforcements — young Irish defender Craig Cathcart, Serbian centre-back Nemanja Vidic and summer signing Antonio Valencia.

Copyright © 2009 AFP. All rights reserved.

manchester united played nicely yesterday. i was hoping that berba would be playing more of this next season. his passes and runs are almost timely perfect. his one-touch football was done superbly last nite. last season he’s very much overshadowed by skills of ronaldo, power of rooney and tireless tevez. next season only rooney is there. that should give him enough limelight to shine. he’s more confident with the ball in this asia tour. that’s an improvement. owen’s addition to the squad might not be that significant but if he can make a good combination with rooney, that’s gonna bring hell to defenders. i don’t see much in macheda yet but he still have time to improve. fabio played nicely on right back. the best to cover neville’s spot. next season they’ll have quite stable defense. but they might need someone to play better in goal other than van der sar. midfield’s quite ok but some of the players like tosic and gibson need more games to gain more confidence and better judgement when to shoot, pass or dribble. forwards are the issue now. berba is likely to play behind strikers. rooney need someone to partner him. hopefuly owen will do. with strenghts gathered by man city, chelsea and liverpool, next season could be a tough race for the title. arsenal, spurs, villa won’t be far either.. oh i can’t wait for august to come.. hoping for another Glory Glory Man United!

article from Google News.