syafeerul: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and G25 – Part II

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syafeerul: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and G25

i’ve completed my G25 driving course on Class C two days ago. it was not that bad. i manage to equal my achievment with sixaxis. better? nope. bronze with cappuccino for time trial and silver for eiger circuit.

difference 1: the driving at daytona speedway is much easier with G25. on single attempt i manage to overtake 16 cars in single lap challenge. with sixaxis, i need few attempts before making gold.

difference 2: eiger circuit is much easier with sixaxis i guess. sharp corners are quite difficult to handle with the wheel.

difference 3: driving on manual at eiger was very challenging. its a bit easier with sixaxis as u only need to have coordination between fingers. with G25, hand-foot coordination is a must. its much tougher to get precise braking and gear shifting with G25.

difference 4: the advantage of using G25 is that at wide corners, u can control pressure applied for gas which means u will gain slightly more speed as compared to sixaxis where u usually tap release tap to control speed.

last night i started Class B. i started the class by using G25. after looking into what are the races to compete here, i went to the dealership and bought Nissan R35 GT-R ’07. the car is very much too powerful for its competitors in this class. completed most on gold except bronze on time trial. then there was another couple of races. one with my old integra, to overtake 16 cars in single lap. this time its tough compared to the race in Class C. slipstreaming or drafting is hard to get here. i ended bronze for this race. another one requires me to drive Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR ’05. time trial at eiger. bronze was my best time.

next will be a repetition of Class B with sixaxis. will see if my sixaxis produces any better result or it was just at par with G25. till pen meet paper again (finger meet keyboard??)..

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