Yellow Dog Ships Linux Converts Sony PS3 Into PC

With rumours of a cheaper and slimmer Sony PS3 gaming console around the corner, Fixstars corporation have released a bootable version of their popular Yellow Dog Linux distribution for Sony’s platform that comes on a USB Flash drive. The installation is straightforward plug-in the USB stick, install the bootloader, boot into YDL and you’re running Linux on your PS3. Although the Playstation 3 comes with a hard disk drive, YDL runs from the USB Drive. The distribution is popular amongst developers who can can create clusters of low-cost Playstation gaming consoles for data intensive tasks. A 32 Node cluster with support and all the necessary cabling costs $32,995. The developers have chosen a 16GB OCZ Diesel Flash drive which has achieved 31.18 MBps read performance and 30.78 MBps write performance in recent DiskBench performance benchmarks. Owen Stampflee, Fixstars Linux Product Manager, stated that “‘YDL on a Stick’ is a compact and portable alternative to a full installation, Since everything runs from the USB drive, ‘YDL on a Stick’ is ideal for users who want to try out Linux without sacrificing space or having to back up or reformat their PS3.” The package also contains OpenOffice 3.0, Firefox 3.0.6, IBM Cell SDK v3.1.0.1 and ps3vram and Xfce 4, a fast and lightweight desktop environment. Customers may chose to purchase “YDL on a stick” with or without Yellow Dog Linux’s own support package. YDL is available for download from a number of Linux Mirrors here. Alternatively, the 16GB OCZ Diesel USB Flash drive version which comes with a Printed user guide and a Yellow Dog Linux sticker without support costs $59.95.

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here caomes the latest Linux Yellow Dog LInux. with this users does not have to install this on PS3. instead users can just plug in the usb and voila.. linux running! nice one.. article from ITPro Portal.