Michael cancels F1-Comeback

Consequences of bike-injuries make return impossible

“Yesterday evening, I had to inform Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo and Team Principal Stefano Domenicali that unfortunately I’m not able to step in for Felipe. I really tried everything to make that temporary comeback possible, however, much to my regret it didn’t work out. Unfortunately we did not manage to get a grip on the pain in the neck which occurred after the private F1-day in Mugello, even if medically or therapeutically we tried everything possible.

The consequences of the injuries caused by the bike-accident in February, fractures in the area of head and neck, unfortunately have turned out to be still too severe. That is why my neck cannot stand the extreme stresses caused by Formula 1 yet. This are the clear results of the examinations we did on the course of the past two weeks and the final examination yesterday afternoon. As there were no improvements after the day in Mugello, I decided at short notice on Sunday to do that thorough examination already yesterday.

I am disappointed to the core. I am awfully sorry for the guys of Ferrari and for all the fans which crossed fingers for me. I can only repeat that I tried everything that was within my power. All I can do now is to keep my fingers crossed for the whole team for the coming races.”

hmm no schumi.. im all excited to see him back on track. anyhow we just hope he recovers fast and maybe will reconsider racing in massa’s place again soon.. article from Micheal Schumacher Official Website.

Hottest June on Record for Video Gaming

Nielsen video game data released today shows that Video Gamers are playing more this summer than last. Total video game console usage minutes in June 2009 went up 21% from the the previous June. The average console gamer played 768 minutes on consoles during this year’s June reporting month.

Other notable trends from June 2009 show:

  • Video game consoles are not just being played by kids – just under 50% of gameplay came from adults 18+
  • Teenagers 12-17 have the largest percent of play, which accounted for 25% of gaming in June
  • Xbox 360 and PS2 are now neck and neck in terms of minutes played per month, yet June data shows Xbox 360 is the most active console, with the 6-month trend show Xbox 360 with the highest active users
  • PlayStation consoles tend to be more gender neutral than other consoles. Xbox 360 continues to skew more male and Wii continue to skew more female.

  • More Americans are playing the newer consoles. Nielsen data shows that current generation consoles, such as Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, made up 50% of total share of minutes in June 2009, while last generation consoles, such as Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube, made up only 31% of total minutes. Use of older gaming consoles (PS One, Atari 2600, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, etc.) made up the 19% balance of usage minutes for the month.

found this article on comparison of console usage. lately im busy with my PS3. hardly played any games on X360. article from Nielsen.

Biggest Meteor Shower of the Year Peaks Tuesday Night

Stay up past midnight, grab a blanket and go stargazing tonight: The year’s most spectacular meteor shower is expected to peak Wednesday morning around 1 a.m. (your local time), and then again just before dawn.

The Perseid meteor shower happens every year in August, when the Earth travels through a cloud of debris left by the periodic comet Swift-Tuttle, which last approached the Earth in 1992. Under optimal conditions, up to 80 shooting stars can be seen every hour, although how many you’ll see tonight depends on cloud cover, the brightness of the moon and the proximity of city lights.

The Perseids get their name because meteors appear to shoot out from the arm of the Y-shaped constellation Perseus, named after the Greek hero famous for slaying Medusa.

Tuesday night, because of glare from the 55 percent gibbous moon, it may be easiest to spot shooting stars early in the night when the moon sits low in the sky. Between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. (local time wherever you are), meteors will be less frequent but may look brighter than during the shower’s peak. NASA scientists say that’s also the best time to spot a stunning “Earthgrazer,” which is a meteor that skims close to the Earth’s atmosphere and generates a long, colorful tail.

The first Perseids have been visible since late July, and many Flickr photographers have already captured beautiful images of the meteors. If you want to take your own photos, check out our how-to wiki on photographing the stars. You can also submit your images to the wiki site — if we get enough good ones, we’ll compile them into a gallery on Wired Science.

im waiting for this tonight.. at the moment im trying to borrow a friend’s digital camera. hoping to get an SLR. if the sky’s good then im gonna get some awesome pics.. article from Wired Science.


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FRAY BEGAN as a website. We presented individually designed, true first-person stories. Each one ended with a question that prompted the audience to tell their stories, too.

THEN IT EVOLVED into a series of live storytelling events, Fray Days and Fray Cafes, that took place all over the world, attended by thousands of people. You can see some photos and listen to audio of those events, too.

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i found this amazing site while surfing from a link emailed by my friend Ein. visit Fray for some interesting nice stories there..