syafeerul: Stadium Astro Fantasy

the new season 2009/2010 Barclay’s Premier League is already in progress. this weekend will be Gameweek 4. lots of drama so far. we’ve seen manchester united stumble against newly promoted burnley, and saw them came back destroying wigan in just 45 minutes. we’ve seen how rafa pointed to his senior players when liverpool loss against villa. chelsea had a nervy start, winning with late goals. and arsenal showed superb performance despite losing adebayor to man city and some players to injury.

these in a way, reflects fantasy football. individuals from all around the world line-up their stars to get as much point as possible each week. there’s hundreds of fantasy football hosts on the net. i’ve played at fantasy premierleague, yahoo fantasy football, espn fantasy football and most recently Stadium Astro Fantasy. to be honest, i never really concentrate on playing it. its just for fun. after all, winning it is almost impossible. but when astro came up with their own fantasy football, i thought this could be an opportunity for me to achieve something. hosted locally, that means the prize is more realistic. unlike fantasy football from other places, i won’t even know if i can even get the prize if i win. so this time, with astro as host, i decided to play this with an extra attention. although winning is far from sight, but the fun is there.

4 weeks into the season.. for some, their line-up was awesome. gathering as much as 185 points in total. while im slowly with mid-level teams with only 139 points so far. i played in Malaysia League. mostly Lowyat forumer. after 4 weeks, i learned that initial selection of players really matters to get the most points early season. i didn’t realize earlier that there’s a rule limiting transfers per week to only 2. that makes life a lot tougher after the first game and onwards. some didn’t perform despite the big name and some small team played awesomely good. arsenal surprises me the most as they doesn’t seem to be affected at all when adebayor left. budget limitation of 100m is a norm in many fantasy leagues, so that’s not a problem for me. but having only 12 players is quite difficult. u lose points when more than 2 players in ur team didn’t play. if only one, the reserve player might do some good. and 2 transfers per week? damn hard..

my team: masizi. as many would have line-up their team, mine consists of the big four clubs. but for last week, i chose to omit chelsea players from my selection. although i wanted to have at least one of them but with 2 transfers per week plus budget limitation, that is not possible. so for the coming week’s line-up, i’ll get a chelsea player. after all they played burnley. not to undersestimate burnley whom have beaten the likes of man united, but against chelsea – is just too big for them i guess unless chelsea had an off day like man utd does. this week i planned to feature hart-evra,bridge,figueroa-nani,gerrard,jimenez,kuyt-drogba,keane,bent. no arsenal player? not against man utd. haha.. but im having some difficulties here. i haven’t finalized the line-up yet. maybe tomorrow. i can only transfer 2 players. but i have few players that needs to go out. hart in goal is doubtful as they’re playing chelsea. pretty sure they’ll concede at least a goal there. max points from hart could be 2 points only. ilunga is injured and not playing yet. fabregas is injured and its yet to be confirmed whether he will play or not against man united. bendtner haven’t played competitively for arsenal so far. coming on as subs didn’t provide enough points to the team. 4 players i wanted to put out. on top of that, drogba’s recent form shows that he might score in these next game. i’d like to have him but he’s a bit pricey. with this in mind, i need to put out a combination of 2 players that would be sufficient to accomodate drogba’s signing plus another player that’s worth a smaller value. will update on this tomorrow.

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