syafeerul: Omnia tweaking

it has been ages since i made any changes on my omnia. i did the firmware update. then the PointUI shells my omnia after slide-to-unlock with S2U2. i installed PHM RegEdit to make registry changes. then there is my favourite game on omnia – Sudoku in which i chose to use Su Doku v5.5. the only registry change i made was to make the slider larger for easier finger scrolling. there’s a post on that earlier. dig up if u wanna know abou that.

for the past two weeks i’ve been lurking on the net, looking on how to make my omnia looks better. despite being a year old phone, im quite impressed as there is still lots of supports from all over the net. google it and you can never have enough. this time around, my omnia make a huge jump from its previous state. way different..

before i went on blabbering on my omnia tweaks.. allow me to define some terms that u might came across in this post. some of us might not know what certain terms meant. i had some difficulty in understanding this in the first place..

what is shell? its like a theme that is somewhat like your Omnia theme on front screen when you first bought it. shell covers from how ur front screen looks, how your contacts are seen and arranged, where softkeys are placed.. it is a shell that envelops your software. got it?
skin? for every shell, you’ll have a skin on it whether u know it or u don’t. this skin is actually how your shell would look. it could be black with some fancy fonts, or maybe chrome with a tahoma type of font. skin is how ur shell would look.

i use PointUI as my shell. didn’t make any skin change from day 1. i use the black skin which looks cool enough for me. i tried SPB Mobile Shell 2 previously but it was too complicated. but recently i came about the latest version of SPB Mobile Shell 3 (MS3). it looks really attractive and super-cool. so i downloaded that and am currently using it now. there are a number of skins available for free on the net nut i still prefer the original one with some small tweak. first, edit layout with the built in Edit Layout function. change widgets from Add Widget function. then i used Shell Extension to link contact straight to contact carousel. made some changes on pages to be displayed – lifestye home, launcher, agenda, contacts, task manager and time.

with PointUI, the shell covers the whole screen, hence the Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) taskbar on top was hidden underneath. however with MS3, the taskbar is visible. and i really don’t like how it looks. so search on and found Wisbar Advance. with that installed, my WM6 taskbar looks way better! for this, i used the black theme which was awesome!

to make my omnia runs slightly faster, and to make some of the programs work, i downloaded Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 Redistrutable. intalled that through ActiveSync. however this does not work on the fly. u need to make some registry changes to make it work.

  1. open registry editor – in my case i use PHM RegEdit.
  2. go to: HKLM/Software/Microsoft/.NETCompactFramework
  3. there will be two items here,
    2.0.7045.00 Vaue data = 1
    3.5.7283.00 Value data = 0
  4. change to this:
    2.0.7045.00 Vaue data = 0
  5. 3.5.7283.00 Value data = 1

this is to enable 3.5 instead of 2.0.

next to solve my small problem with GPRS usage. i wanted to avoid connecting to GPRS coz that requires me to pay extra bills. downloaded this and my problems are solved! – NoData from Modaco.

then i came across one nice software while searching on getting qiblah direction – Pocket Islam. best software available for muslims especially. there’s Quran recitation as well as Athan according to your place of living.

and now my omnia looks much better than it was before..

2.0.7045.00 Vaue data = 0 (originally 1.change it to 0)

3.5.7283.00 Value data = (originally 0. Change it to 1 in order for the 3.5 version to be used)

2 responses to “syafeerul: Omnia tweaking

  1. Does this tweak really work? Also Im not sure how to make more memory which I need to install 3.5 framework.I need all my programs and none of those defrag programs really work. Any Ideas?

  2. these tweaks are the ones applied on my omnia. im not sure how to get more memory as u stated that u required all programs. perhaps maybe some of the programs can be installed to ur storage card instead of main memory..

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