syafeerul: a walk in the past

i didn’t realize time moves this fast. yesterday, me and my colleagues went to Teluk Intan to visit our teacher back in secondary school. for as long as i remember, i’ve not been there since maybe 2002 or 2003. that’s almost 7 years.

my teacher’s daughter, whom when i left school was a newborn, now is already in her primary school. she’s 7 years old. i remember when i used to hold her in my arms and she looks so amazingly cute and small.. haha.. but now she’s 7. she talks a lot. i’ve missed the chance to see when she grew up, walk and then talk. that’s how 7 years long is..

we made a trip to the town to buy some food before heading to our teacher’s place. Teluk Intan was pretty much the same. there’s one or two new buildings. but the rest looks familiar. old memories crept back as we drove through the town. that was priceless..


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