syafeerul: Flashy.exe



Win32/Glupzy.A (CA)
Trojan.Win32.Disabler.i (Kaspersky)
W32/Glupzy-B (Sophos)
Trojan.Disabler.E (VirusBuster)
Backdoor.Flbot.A (BitDefender)
Win32/Disabler.I (ESET)
BackDoor-DIY (McAfee)
:Trj/Flashy.A (Panda)
W32.Glupzy.A (Symantec)
WORM_FLASHY.B (Trend Micro)


Worm:Win32/Glupzy.A is a worm that contains backdoor functionality. It also modifies certain system settings, such as preventing the user from accessing the Task Manager, registry tools, and so on. It spreads by copying itself into drives D: to J:.

summarized from Microsoft website.

here’s some info on the latest widespread virus in town. it has been on for quite sometime some of might not encounter this just yet.. this is one annoying virus.

first it copies itself to your computer and once u curiously clicked them, it spreads to other folders activating itself. it duplicates folders from “new folder” to “new folder.exe.” to make it more enjoyable for them they set ur folders to “hidden.” still not satisfied they go on and disable your “folder option” so that u can’t view hidden folder. after sometime, with no clever action from u, it disables your task manager. i guess that’s it. from then on, ur computer starts to become annoying. u’ve lost ur folders and can’t retrieve them back..

i came across this few weeks back. i tried several ways to look back for my files. the file size shows that the folders are still there. only that i can’t see them. task manager are useless by then. i read up on the net – looking for solutions. most of them had the solution just before the task manager being disabled. not much of any help. my desktop currently uses the standard company’s licensed trend micro anti virus. to my disappointment, the antivirus fails to detect any virus on my desktop. bullshit! i know it’s there..


  • download urself the Free AVG Anti-Virus. get the latest definition update.
  • download this Flashy Remover from Technize.
  • scan computer, removable drive, i.e any media available on your computer with AVG Free.
  • remove all detected viruses. some of the files infected might be system file that avg would not delete. leave it as suggested by avg.
  • run the flashy remover tool.
  • your system should be back to normal by now. just remember to keep that AVG since that virus might just come back later..

this is one annoying virus!

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