syafeerul: multitouch notebooks

as the world awaits patiently for the WINDOWS 7 full version to be release later this month – notebook manufacturers prepared themselves with multitouch equipped notebooks. windows 7 proves to be finger friendly as shown by various tablet pc users across the globe.

i was in search of tablet pc about a year ago. looking for a device that would assists me in doing my work more efficiently and also be able to provide media and gaming for leisure. of all tablet pcs available, two attracted me the most – HP Touchsmart TX2 and Dell Latitude XT 2. The later anyhow was too expensive to even come under consideration. TX2 appeals most to me. with multitouch capability, added with a quite reliable graphic accelerator and also medium ranged processor – suits my needs best. the price was however a bit expensive performance-wise. the high price was simply justified by that having multitouch capability. since obtaining the machine is not a must for that time – i decided to wait till the price drops to a more competitive price.

a year passes by and windows 7 is set to launch officially this month. those whom tested windows 7 with tx2 gave positive response. much better than running vista or xp on the convertible notebook.  so i went to search for the model again. but to my surprise – other manufacturers have joined the band. so this requires another long survey to confirm again. after all im not in need of the device urgently. my omnia did quite a wonderful job for now. so what other options do i have?

1. ACER Aspire AS5738PG

Acer Slaps a Multitouch Screen On Its $800 Aspire 5738PG

You wouldn’t know it by looking at it, but that is Acer’s new multitouch laptop. Sort of like Lenovo has done with the T400s, Acer has put a multitouch screen on an existing clamshell notebook.

Besides its long ass model number, the 15.6-inch Aspire AS5738PG has a capacitive multitouch screen. However, unlike HP’s TouchSmart or Lenovo’s SimpleTap, Acer doesn’t include a touch optimized user interface of its own on top of Windows 7. Nevertheless, it will be capable of the typical multitouch gestures, including pinching to zoom and two finger scrolling.

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For $800 you also get some pretty decent specs: an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, ATI Radeon HD 4570 graphics, 4GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive with 64-bit Windows 7 Premium. Since the multitouch doesn’t add too much to the price it may just be worth trying out, I just wonder how long it will take until you forget that you can put your fingers on the screen.

price is quite cheap. quick look – not a convertible notebook = no slate mode. article from Gizmodo.

2.Toshiba Satellite U505 and M505

Toshiba Announces Windows 7 Notebooks, Netbooks, & Touch Models

Toshiba Announces Windows 7 Notebooks, Netbooks, & Touch Models

Toshiba is planning to offer various Satellite and Qosmio laptops with Windows 7 beginning October 22. Toshiba’s range of laptops with Windows 7 Home Premium will include the Satellite U500 Series, Satellite M500 Series, Satellite A500 Series, Satellite P500 Series, Satellite L500 Series, Satellite T100 Series, and the Qosmio X500 Series. Toshiba also plans to offer Windows 7 Starter on the Toshiba mini NB200 Series netbooks.

In a separate announcement, Toshiba also introduced two new Satellite laptops that will feature touch screens. The new Satellite U505 Touch and Satellite M505 Touch models will enable users to flick through photos, shuffle files, browse online, and play games using Windows Touch-enabled functionality. Toshiba is also introducing its own touch-ready software called Toshiba LifeSpace which will be pre-installed exclusively on the new touch-enabled laptops. LifeSpace includes two components: Bulletin Board and ReelTime. Bulletin Board provides fast access to daily activities, tasks, and projects in a visual way. This application has several built-in gadgets such as labels, calendars, a clock, and a to-do list. ReelTime helps you find files based on when they were opened using a visual history. The Satellite M505 Touch laptop ($949.99 MSRP) will be available on October 22 and Satellite U505 Touch laptop ($1,049.99 MSRP) will be available on November 1.

medium priced – comparable to TX2. not much comments on this machine yet. again not convertible is a letdown. see full article from link to Hothardware website.

3. Lenovo Thinkpad X200

Lenovo Thinkpad X200 Tablet, 12 Inches of Touchtasticness

Lenovo’s X200 tablet isn’t the best kept secret, but it’s a nice looking convertible laptop now that we have the full specs. At 3.5lbs, the configurable tablet features a 12.1″ touchscreen (in pen or finger input options) Core 2 Duo processors up to 1.86GHz supported by 4GB of RAM, and available upgrades to 128MB SSD, WiMax, integrated camera, fancy dual array mic (designed to cancel ambient noise) and thumbprint reader. But that’s not all!

If you’re willing to dock in to the optional UltraBase port, you can output HD A/V through the DisplayPort (DVI replacement) and add goodies like DVD burners and Blu-ray drives. The graphics setup is integrated, the Intel GMA4500—not a powerhouse but capable of displaying 1080P content from that Blu-ray add-on. And if you stick with the standard 4-cell battery, the X200 can run for about 4.2 hours with a jump to 10 hours if you upgrade to the 8-cell. According to Lenovo, that’s a 50% improvement on battery life from their old tablets. We don’t know the price, but expect to pay a bit for the premium system.

no price at the moment. pretty sure this is going to be expensive. but this one is convertible. quite a good option here. let’s wait till the reviews comes out. article from Gizmodo again!

9 responses to “syafeerul: multitouch notebooks

  1. omnia not good enuf.. hmm y u say so? so far my omnia serves me very well. 🙂
    don’t think im going to buy this any sooner. not needing it so much. i’ll just survey and keep looking. mana tau price sudden drop. then only worth considering. for now let the omnia do the job..
    thanx for ur comments dear!

  2. Toshiba Satellite L505-S5993
    I received this laptop on december 2, and I have been on it non-stop. I love it. My favorite game (the sims 3) runs smoothly. And I love the wi-fi I wish I could give it 10 stars

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