McLaren keeping their distance from impatient Jenson Button

Jenson Button’s growing impatience to secure a better pay deal with Brawn GP became clear yesterday with the new Formula One world champion’s adviser hinting darkly that the British driver may look to another team. That has fuelled speculation that he could switch to McLaren, though Lewis Hamilton’s team appear unlikely to sign Button. Button is seeking a £5m pay rise to £8m after taking a pay cut to ensure the future of Brawn after Honda pulled out of Formula One before the start of the campaign. Brawn, however, have yet to offer Button new terms. His manager, Richard Goddard, said: “Brawn could have sorted Jenson out weeks ago and none of this would be going on. We’ve been trying to agree terms with them. He’s made it clear he wants to stay and, had they agreed a contract, there would be no speculation. People will speculate that anyone with a free seat next year will be offering Jenson a drive. That speculation won’t die until Brawn offer him new terms. “He has displayed his great talent in a good car this year. A lot of quality seats may still be available, so it’s down to Brawn to make us an offer.”

The Formula One commercial rights holder, Bernie Ecclestone, also seemed to display some impatience with Brawn as he commented on the situation. “They are being a little bit arrogant considering how long they have been in Formula One,” Ecclestone said. “They should remember they have only been in the sport 10 minutes, really.” Mercedes-Benz, McLaren’s engine partner, was quick to distance itself from any link with Button, however. The car maker’s director of motor sport, Norbert Haug, said: “There are no current negotiations with Jenson Button but I do understand that people in England are dreaming of an English team with two world champions in the cockpits. However, dreams don’t always come true.”

the race this season isn’t over yet and button already showed how greedy he is. just one season on top, he wants it all now. why not just ask for a reasonable increment and showed better performance next season. then u can talk more money.. article from

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