Facebook Coming With Next Playstation 3 Firmware Update

What's That Facebook On My XMB!?

That’s a nice selling point you had there for a few weeks Microsoft. Looks like it’s not going to remain exclusive for long though, as rumours mount that Facebook will join the realm of Playstation 3 features with the next Firmware Update.

Images were originally posted by ScrawlFX, clearly showing Facebook integration aswell as coloured trophy cards and tidier photo browsing. At first we would have said “Photoshop(!),” but the fine folks at ScrawlFX have noted the images are also currently uploaded to uk.playstation.com’s website.

Obviously we’re not meant to see these yet. But we have, so all we’re left questioning is – why the hell is Facebook access hidden in the “Account Setup” area of the XMB. Could this be some sort of trophy interaction used in conjunction with your Facebook profile? And why are the images in Spanish on uk.playstation.com’s website?

ahah.. facebook on PS3? good news then.. i don’t have to open up boot my PS3 to Yellow Dog Linux just for Facebook.. can’t wait for this to come.. i’ll be more active on facebook after this.. 😉 rumor from PushSquare.


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