Xbox 360’s Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM and Zune Video Come November 17

All those features we went over in our Xbox 360 update impressions post are finally rolling out to everyone on November 17.

To recap, here’s what’s new:

Facebook – Update your status to share what movie, game or entertainment you’re enjoying, connect with friends and view their Facebook stream, status updates and photos on the big screen – all seamlessly integrated and custom-built for Xbox 360. You can even compare your Xbox LIVE and Facebook friends lists to see which of your friends are on LIVE.
Zune – Zune video on Xbox LIVE offers a full fidelity experience with instant on HD in 1080p and 5.1 channel surround sound. No waiting for downloads or buffering, it’s there at the press of a button. You can also share the experience with up to seven friends through voice chat and Avatar integration on the TV screen – it puts a whole new spin on “movie night.”
Twitter – Stay in the know by discovering, posting and replying to Tweets right on your Xbox 360. You can even view friend profiles, trends and conversations, or search to see who’s tweeting about your favorite game. – Discover more music and explore endless personalized radio stations with on Xbox 360. Skip, “ban” or “love” tracks to create your perfect mix-we’ve even built in “Gamer Stations” with game-related types of music selected specifically for the gaming community (Available in the U.S. and UK)

In addition to these social features, Xbox LIVE will also be debuting “News and More,” a new section of the “Inside Xbox” channel, transforming Xbox LIVE into a full-fledged media portal. With a regularly-updated stream of content from MSNBC, The New Yorker and Dilbert, “News and More” brings the latest in current events, arts and entertainment right to your fingertips.

i posted yesterday on facebook on PS3. now Xbox 360 confirms the Facebook integration next week. with these features you can have almost all media-capable with just a console nowadays. what else can consoles give? i’ll be on Facebook more frequent next year i guess.. (same statement when Sony announces Facebook integration on PS3). i haven’t join Twitter so that might not be too useful for me. Zune and sounds interesting but would it be good here in my beloved country with this kind of internet service? i might need to wait for the whole day for a movie to be fully loaded and visible. else i would have to wait  few minutes after every 10 minutes of video streaming. haha.. a question of internet service here.. article from Gizmodo.

2 responses to “Xbox 360’s Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM and Zune Video Come November 17

  1. I know there’s so much hype over this – but I still can’t get the dam facebook on xBox 360 to work.

    When I try and login, I get “User authentication failed”. Try with the same details on my laptop/pc, and it works fine.

    Any ideas??

    • i have recently tried facebook on xbox360 but came across the same problem. not sure why yet.. anyhow facebook works nicely with PS3. only that its damn slow on PS3 internet browser.

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