How to Be the Perfect Boyfriend Ever!

With the rise of independent and strong-willed women, being the perfect boyfriend can be quite a challenge. If you can’t do it well, you’ll have a hard time coping up in your relationship or end up getting dump. Here are some top tips on how to be the perfect boyfriend. (1) LISTEN and LISTEN well. Girls by nature love to talk a lot- they love to chatter about things that you hardly understand like shopping, shoes, make- up and feelings. It’s essential that you try to be interested and keep interested no matter how perplexed you are. Women find communication as one of the top priority in the relationship, that’s why it’s important to her that you respond.

If you are dumbfounded on what to respond, here are some quick useful responses: “That sounds an interesting story” or “Really? I can’t believe it, can you tell me more details?” or you can use the fail-safe respond of all time “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that, I was so mesmerized by how beautiful you are when you speak.” But seriously, to be the perfect boyfriend you have to genuinely pay attention to her because most women know if you are pulling her foot. (2) Love her family and friends. No matter how head over heels in love she is with you, you have to accept the fact that you are not the only person in her life.

Her friends and family have a big influence. The worst thing that you can do is to have a conflict with them. You have to remember their name- never say, “Who? That fat girl with the volcano face? I can hardly concentrate with what she’s saying with that zit on her nose.” If you create conflict with her girl friends, you will never be the perfect boyfriend; girl friends are hard enemies to have. But on the other hand, if you are in good terms with her pals, you have an ally if ever things between you and her get wobbly.

Therefore, the wisest thing that you can do is make her friends your friends. Value the people that she values, get involve and be the pro-active man in her life. (3) Be there for her always- be that MAN that she can trust and depend on. In small and big things make yourself visible. Open the door for her, carry her bags, acknowledge her skills, congratulate her accomplishments, support her goals, and be her shoulder to lean on. (4) In sexual aspect, be considerate and respect her needs, if she is tired and not in the mood, don’t force her.

If she is in the mood “play” her well in bed. Ask what satisfies her and most importantly, don’t go off early than needed. (5) Intimacy matters, give her flowers, surprise her with a fancy dinner and if business is good, take a break off. (6) Be presentable. I don’t mean that you have an extreme make over but be respectful enough to be hygienic. And lastly, be loyal to her. If you don’t intend to take her seriously, don’t waste your time. So, there you are, I hope how to be the perfect boyfriend is as easy as 123.

just some thoughts on serious relationship. read some posts by this author Ruth Purple at Ezine Articles. quite interesting. so am i the perfect one? try and try again..

2 responses to “How to Be the Perfect Boyfriend Ever!

  1. i think maybe u r a perfect one, but u didnt meet the perfect partner. life is full of lie..n liar..which sometimes make us feel uncomfortable… less trust…

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