syafeerul: My 2008-2009 Games

NFS: ProStreet
Genre: Racing
Gameplay: tough game to play. had a hard time completing this game.
Graphics: wasn’t as good as i expected.
Worthiness: this was my first PS3 game, bundled with my PS3 set. not worth buying. should’ve bought this on X360 instead. its cheaper on that console. or maybe not to buy at all.
Rating: 1/5
Why not 5?
tough to control, moderate display, short-lived

Rainbow Six: Vegas
Genre: Shooting (First-person) + Tactical
Gameplay: lots of weapon options. can play co-op. but to those who played previous R6 series would be frustrated by new control scheme. u can’t plan with tactical map like previous series. all are in game orders to team mates.
Graphics: impressive graphic.
Worthiness: nice to buy. with missions completed, there are online matches and offline co-op experience.
Rating: 4/5
Why not 5?
was hoping for tactical planning ahead

Racedriver: Grid
arcade type of control. not very realistic. but once u get the grip on it, it’ll become a great racing game. the single-player campaign was ok. had variety of race types. loved the touge racing here.. sadly the game have too little cars to offer.
Graphics: thumbs up for a racing game genre. high details on cars. but lacks beauty in scenery.
Worthiness: a must buy for racing game fans.
Rating: 5/5

Assassin’s Creed
Genre: RPG
Gameplay: repetitive actions and tasks. had fun roaming around the cities looking for hidden flags and templars. assassination is not hard but stealth assassination requires some thinking. ubisoft should’ve gave some extra points for players that can stealth assassinate targets.
Graphics: awesome graphics. best i’ve had in my collection for now.
Worthiness: perhaps buying this for X360 is more value for money. anyways its a wonderful game to have either on PS3 or X360.
Rating: 4/5
Why not 5?
repetitive tasks, no online

NFS: Underground
Genre: Racing
Gameplay: Undercover recovers damage done by ProStreet. the game brought back the style of Most Wanted, where u get chased by cops and complete certain races. lots of cars available and storyline is quite catchy.
Graphics: impressive graphics. scenery is lovely. but they can improve more on car details.
Worthiness: good offline gaming. not for online. short-lived game.
Rating: 4/5
Why not 5?
not much online gaming, short-lived

C&C: Red Alert 3
Genre: RTS
Gameplay: my experiment on RTS game on console platform. quite well organised. control wasn’t difficult to get used with. playing as the Japs proves to be quite tough as they have a different set of tech in comparison with the US or Russia.
Graphics: simple graphics. not as expected.
Worthiness: one game that offers lots of boob-watch. the cut-scenes are filled with your assistant in-command which would be a lady with big boobs. i mean real girls. coz they’re making the cut-scenes like real-life movie.
Why not 5?
graphics are not up to next-gen capabilities, and on this equation: boobs+gaming=distraction 🙂

Genre: RPG
sandbox style. an open world. free for you to roam anywhere wherever u like. there’s millions of things u can do in this game.
Graphics: cartoonish.
Worthiness: a must buy game. u can play the game again and again and u can see the world from many point of views. interesting to play. the GTA branding continues another great game on the shelves. maybe the next GTA should offer a much improved graphics.
Rating: 4/5
Why not 5?
online? cartoonish graphic is not what i expected but this is GTA after all..

each game was given a rating. that was my rating from my own point of view. i played the game and i judge how i felt about them.

5: best game i’ve played. i’m totally satisfied with gameplay, graphics, in-game control and cut-scenes.
4: a nice game but lacks at least one of the quality mentioned above.
3: considerable game but too much flaw on either of the qualities or maybe lacking at least 2 of that.
2: quite ok game but not up to my expectation in many ways.
1: regret buying the game as it lacks so much of my expectation.

so as u can see one game received 5 star by me hence making that the best game i have currently. the rest are good enough. only one game that i regret buying. that came in when i can’t make any review before buying it. i’ve already sold the game (NFS: ProStreet).

currently im still in progress of completing MGS4 and GT5P. could have completed the GT5P earlier but i decided to make some direct comparison between controlling with Sixaxis or the G25. somehow it turns that im still not satisfied with the G25 table setup. its not sturdy enough. until i get a sturdy platform for my G25, the GT5P would have to wait. nevertheless, i might look for new games soon. but not now. i’d have to complete some other task first. games that’s in my wish-list:

  1. Assassin’s Creed 2
  2. Gran Tourismo 5
  3. COD: Modern Warfare 2

hmm.. if i can find FIFA 2010 for cheap that would be good as well.

anyhow, 7 games in 2 years? quite slow in comparison with true gamers out there.. i wasn’t playing much for the past 2 years. been busy stabilizing my life in work-family-gf-friends-myself. hardly got enough time for myself then. but things are slowly getting better. i’m getting more time for myself now. its a matter of time management. soon all will be stabilize and i’ll have enough time for everyone. at times i miscued here and there. failures are part of life. we all learn from mistakes. so do i. iAllah, with God’s guidance, life will become better. i’m hoping for a better 2010. hey.. i’m not talking about games here.. 🙂 okay okay.. may us all have a better year in 2010!


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