CIA Attack to Revenge Mehsud: Bomber

A Jordanian bomber who killed seven CIA agents in Afghanistan has said that the attack was in revenge to the killing of Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud. “We tell our emir Baitullah Mehsud we will never forget his blood,” Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi said in a video tape aired by Al-Jazeera television Saturday, January 9. “It is up to us to avenge him in and outside America,” he said, referring to Mehsud, who was killed in a US drone attack in August. Balawi blew himself up at a US military base in Khost, near the Pakistani border on December 30, killing seven CIA agents and his Jordanian handler, a top intelligence officer and member of the royal family.

In the video, the bearded Balawi is shown holding a weapon and sitting alongside leader of the umbrella Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan Hakimullah Mehsud. The Jordanian bomber was also shown in the video training at a shooting range. “We will never forget that he (Mehsud) said Sheikh Osama bin Laden was not on our soil (Pakistan) but that if he should come we would protect him,” said Balawi, who acted as double agent duping Western intelligence services for months. “He kept his promise and paid for it with his life.”

On Thursday, alleged Al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan Mustafa Abu al-Yazid said the Jordanian bomber left a will saying the attack was revenge for “our righteous martyrs”. Yazid described Balawi’s mission as an “epic breakthrough” in prating both American and Jordanian intelligence, said online websites. The will named a number of militants, including Mehsud, Abu Saleh al-Somali, described as part of Al-Qaeda’s core leadership and responsible for plotting attacks in Europe and the US. He was killed in a drone strike near the Afghan border last month.


Balawi, a former doctor, said that he shared US and Jordanian state and intelligence secrets with the Taliban.”This is a message to the enemies of the (Muslim) nation — the CIA and Jordanian intelligence services,” he said. “To retaliate for his death in the United States and outside the United States will remain an obligation on all emigrants who were harboured by Baitullah Mehsud.”

The video came a day after Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh acknowledged that Jordan had a counter-terrorism role in Afghanistan and planned to enhance operations there. “Our presence in Afghanistan today is twofold,” Judeh told reporters during a press briefing with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “Number one, to combat terrorism and the root causes of terrorism, but also to help out in the humanitarian effort that is needed there. “We are not only part of awork of countries that are trying to assist Afghanistan and Afghanis, but also trying to combat terror and terrorism,” Judeh said.

Analysts believe that the appearance of Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud in the video shows how close the Pakistani Taliban and Al-Qaeda are now. “I think this man basically belongs to Al-Qaeda, Mehmood Shah, former security chief of Pakistani tribal areas told Reuters. His appearance with Hakimullah Mehsud in a video shows how Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are closely linked.”

triple agent? article from IslamOnline.

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