syafeerul: My 2010 (Jan-June) Game Review

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Genre: First Person Shooting
Gameplay: tactical shooting game i should say. u can always go out and simply shoot people but to be the best, use less lethal attacks. so i ended up learning on shooting with tranquilizers and using the MK-2 for electric shocks. its different from the previous games i’ve played. since i’ve never had any experience with PS2, this MGS4 is totally a new experience for me. the storyline was movie-like. u are part of the storyline.. you are Snake. u felt his sadness. u feel how he feels. no wonder this game have so many followers across the globe.
Graphics: satisfactory. the cut-scenes was nicely displayed. characters are very detailed. the ladies are extremely gorgeous. even the tear-drops are detailed to the very inches.
Worthiness: pretty good buy for the storyline. haven’t played online with this.
Rating: 4/5
Why not 5?
an issue of replay-ability..

each game was given a rating. that was my rating from my own point of view. i played the game and i judge how i felt about them.

5: best game i’ve played. i’m totally satisfied with gameplay, graphics, in-game control and cut-scenes.
4: a nice game but lacks at least one of the quality mentioned above.
3: considerable game but too much flaw on either of the qualities or maybe lacking at least 2 of that.
2: quite ok game but not up to my expectation in many ways.
1: regret buying the game as it lacks so much of my expectation.

after 6 months from my previous review of my games, finally i came up to make the second review. but this time just fot MGS4. i haven’t finished GT5P yet. not without the stable G25 table i guess but soon i might just have that..

i’ve just recruited another 3 new games. Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed 2 and Demon’s Souls. recently i’ve got NFS: Shift as a temporary exchange with a friend of mine. 4 games in hand. 2 currently in progress. Shift was awesome so far. currently at 13% progress. the other being Demon’s Souls. tough as hell. might give up on playing this game soon. but we’ll see how far can this carry on.

no Xbox 360 game listed this time. i’ve modded my Xbox 360. why mod it? i’ve supported the industry by buying originals on my PS3 and earlier the Xbox 360. but Xbox 360 requires further payment to play online of which i don’t quiet agree cause i’ve paid such hefty sum to buy the console, the game and internet connection. then they want me to pay more just so that i can play online. mod it and enjoy offline gaming. but there’s always some risk playing with a modded console. some? haha.. my Xbox 360 just got banned few months back. access to HDD was blocked. i haven’t revive my Xbox 360 yet. maybe soon. the plan is there but doing it consumes time. that’s what i don’t have much. as for now, my Xbox 360 lies quietly in my room. no new games on Xbox 360 then..

2 responses to “syafeerul: My 2010 (Jan-June) Game Review

  1. ‘the ladies are extremely gorgeous’. hm ni mesti men game smbil berangan ngan awek cun kan. haish… =p

    • err.. xyah berangan.. they’re b4 my eyes already.. haha.. tp the ladies for the game memang sgt cun. japs kalo create pempuan mmg super cun..

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