syafeerul: WC2010 QF Review and SF Preview

ROUND of 16 Review

Uruguay vs South Korea
as i predicted earlier Uruguay won. but the Koreans fought well. only that Uruguay were the better side when they needed to. 2-1.

USA vs Ghana
USA played well and so did Ghana. needed extra time for Ghana to seal their progress. 2-1.

Argentina vs Mexico
no problems for the Argentinians as they crushed Mexico 3-1 here.

Germany vs England
the German side showed some exciting football. no one expected this big win. despite England showed some good attacks but they forgot how to defend. the Germans did well with their counter-attacks. 4-1.

Netherlands vs Slovakia
Netherlands were the better side through the 90 minutes. the Dutch was just unlucky to concede a penalty at the end. 2-1.

Brazil vs Chile
i thought Chile would’ve fought better after what they’ve showed in group games. but Brazil showed why they’re one of the best from South America. 3-0.

Paraguay vs Japan
Paraguay didn’t play very well. Japan did better i guess. but as much as i had predicted earlier, Paraguay went on. beating Japan on penalty shoot-out.

Spain vs Portugal
both did not play well. boring game from two exciting team. Spain advances after Villa’s goal. 1-0.


Netherlands vs Brazil
two good teams played each other in the QF. i must say its quite early for them to meet in the QF. i was hoping they’d meet in the SF at least. anyhow Netherlands played an exciting attacking football whilst the Brazil under Dunga displayed more possession and defense. although i like Netherlands more, but i predicted Brazil to win this game.
surprisingly Netherlands advances after beating the Brazil side 2-1.

Uruguay vs Ghana
if the two had been split-up, more exciting teams would have the chance to qualify to the next round. no offense to this two but they were slightly less powerful than the rest. anyhow the two showed some good game. Ghana was the better side all over. they had the chance to qualify but they blew it right at the end. Luis Suarez gambled by stopping a goal with his hands and was given red card for that offense. professional foul. the gamble was worth it as Gyan failed to score from the spot. Uruguay went on to win from penalty shoot-out.
this game goes as i expected as both have their own strength for advancing to this stage.

Argentina vs Germany
i predicted a draw and would have ended through a shoot-out. but the Germans conquered the game with some fine display of confidence and such coolness. they defended well, absorbed attacks from the Argentinians and counter with such terrorizing pace. schweinsteiger was my favourite as he showed why i want him to sign for Man Utd since 2004. no one expected Germany to win this big but they did. 4-1? Maradona was speechless. and the part that i loved the most, i could somehow shut my Argentina fan friends who have been bragging of Messi and the attacking options of Argentina. so much for an attacking team eh.. no goals?? haha.. priceless.. 🙂

Paraguay vs Spain
easy one for Spain i thought. but again Spain showed some dismal performance. they were just lucky to advance from another lucky Villa goal. 1-0.

SEMI-FINAL Prediction

Uruguay vs Netherlands
I’m going with Netherlands here. although Uruguay could fight hard in this game. Robben would do his job again. just like how he outplayed the Brazilians.

Germany vs Spain
Spain might be lucky again. but nevertheless i’m with Germany. attack and attack. Germans can win this game.

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