syafeerul: Panasonic HDC-SD60

presenting the latest addition to my gadget zone: Panasonic HDC-SD60 HD Camcorder

Panasonic HDC-SD60 HD Camcorder

yup.. the black one. there’s few other options of colors but i chose black. after almost 3 weeks searching and looking for review plus a week of price survey from various places from The Mines to Digital Mall to Lowyat Plaza, finally it comes down to this black Panasonic HDC-SD60.

almost a month back, in the month of puasa, i decided to look into camcorders. i didn’t know the price range back then. so i’d survey and make a rough estimation before deciding on buying it. there was no urgency. the need is there but it wasn’t that critical. back then it was still a question of either a DSLR or a video camera a.k.a camcorder. i still miss my FZ28. that was my first camera. its a prosumer type. superzoom. very much fits the purpose of me having a camera. but my FZ28 was stolen and was lost forever. friends and family both suggested a DSLR for me as i’ve been into DSLR type camera for quite sometime already. with some small knowledge on camera functions i might and could develop more from having a DSLR. but somehow it came to my mind that almost everyone now owns a DSLR. if there’s a need of a good picture i can always ask them to shoot for me. 🙂 but there’s too few who knows video shooting. with this i’d have the opportunity to embark on videography.

after the short survey i found that purchasing the camcorder was within my budget. from then i set a budget limit and specs identification. specswise i only require HD recording capability, manual focus coupled with good auto focus, long zoom and anti-shake. it came down to this three:

  1. Panasonic HDC-SD60
  • Pros: OIS and bigger CMOS size. although i have no idea how the size might affect on videos but from reviews i’ve read across the cyber space, those experts suggests to buy a camcorder with bigger CMOS size. perhaps this is similar to DSLR as having bigger sensor size gave better picture quality. on OIS, its stability control. pretty smooth on max zoom.
  • Cons: No built in memory.
  1. Canon Legria HF-R16
  • Pros: 8GB built-in memory.
  • Cons: at max zoom, video seems shaky. no camera flash.
  1. Sony HDR-CX150
  • Pros: steady and smooth at max zoom. 16GB built in which captures almost 4hrs of HD video. the ability for Direct Copy to transfer video to HDD seems pretty cool and user friendly. perhaps this camcorder have the most features of all.
  • Cons: holding the camcorder feels too light. and most significant drawback was the price tag. not to mention with only 1 year warranty by Sony. coz usually all products would do well in a year and starts to fail after that.

finally after weeks of search and tests, i decided to buy the SD60. the price was slightly above my budget. just slightly which is still acceptable. the package comes with additional battery, a tripod 8GB memory card and a small case for the camcorder. i’ve just registered with Panasonic Online and that gave me additional 1 year warranty. for reviews, Google the HDC-SD60 and there’s tons of reviews on the net. for the links above, they are directed to TestFreaks for direct comparison. there’s also direct comparisin being done at Camcorders-Only. see Legria HF-R16 vs HDC-SD60 and HDR-CX150 vs HDC-SD60. for quite an in depth review see this and its also wise to visit the Panasonic Official Website on the SD60.


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