System Update Re-Enables Hard Drives on Banned Xbox 360 Consoles

A few months ago, Microsoft had disabled hard drive functionality on banned Xbox 360 consoles and corrupted its data (profiles, savegames, achievements) through an Xbox 360 system update. Now, it seems that Microsoft has finally realized that move was both inappropriate and illegal. We have just confirmed that April’s Xbox 360 system update re-enables hard drive functionality on banned Xbox 360 consoles.

To restore your Xbox 360 hard drive functionality without losing your data, just follow the steps below:

  1. Download Xbox 360 April 2010 System Update.
  2. Extract it to a root directory of an empty USB flash drive (FAT32) or burn it onto an optical media device (CD/DVD).
  3. Place the USB flash drive/optical media in the Xbox 360.
  4. Power cycle the Xbox 360.
  5. The update program will start automatically. Select Yes, update now and press A.
  6. Wait for the update to complete.
  7. When the console reboots, you’re done.

Update: It appears that avatars were missing in original update. We have updated the system update link above and included the proper one. If your avatars are missing, just re-download and re-apply the update above.

seriously?? i was browsing on how to make use of my half-dead x360. was planning to re-enable it with some mods but found this. such great news. still downloading the update now. will put it on my x360 right away and will test it very soon. let’s hope this works… please view this at