syafeerul: kenapa aku sibuk?

hari ni dah 30-nov. dah hujung november. sebulan lebih blog ini sunyi dari sebarang entry.

my engagement on 10-10-10 was the most wonderful thing happened ever since.. dan selepas itu hidupku menjadi sangat sibuk. nak kata persiapan kahwin macam belum mula pun lagi. sekadar dok cari-cari dewan dan lihat-lihat pakaian kahwin je. sibuk dengan kerja dan macam-macam aktiviti bersama rakan-rakan.

kenapa aku selalu kata aku sibuk bekerja? orang lain x kerja ke? nk senang kata macam ni alkisahnya.. di tempat ini cuma ada roughly 70 orang staff. diketuai seorang GM dan 4 managers dibawahnya. kemudian ada 4 sr engineers dan selebihnya level-level aku. level aku ni lebih kepada execution level. planning and decision are from above. yet at times we are the ones who decide before the top ranks do. daripada kelompok ini cuma ada 3 maintenance engineers. when it comes to plant matters, mestila maintenance yang kene jawab. sorang for mechanical, sorang kat instrumentation and control dan sorang kat electrical. aku yang last tuh. sorang. under aku ada la technician. 3 of them.
my core job is to handle all electrical maintenance issues. for example when there’s a defect on electrical such as motor problems, i would ask my men to inspect for physical damage, then later to get some technical tests such as insulation resistance test or ohmic. based on those results, i would see whether its best to change with a new motor or let it run till it show something different. that would be my decision. motor replacement for example take hours. although i have my men to do that but given chance, i’d join them and do it with them. depending on the location of the equipment the job could take even up to half day. upon completion, i need to write up a short report stating what actually happened and actions taken. that doesn’t stop there. depending on the defect and action taken, i might need to sit and study to find out what’s the possible root cause. then only i can breath some air.
next comes the issue of spares availability. i’ve just replaced a motor with a new one so there must be another new motor or at least refurbished motor in good health ready to replace those in need. procurement is part of my flagship. i have to put up proper specs, float to suppliers, evaluate and recommend a supplier to the higher level. this requires a lengthy paper work process. during this process, i’d have to entertain various questions from suppliers. after sometime, i finally know how to answer some of their questions. some are not actually asking. just wanting to know who’s winning and who’s not. i have to say that its classified again and again. with smiles, sure. and what happens if we decide to refurbish the item. that took another path of lengthiness.
then a question was raised by the management level, “why this fails? aren’t your maintenance schedule good enough?” despite having certain preventive maintenance schedule, its never enough when certain equipments fails. a look into operating regime, maintenance practice is a must. if there’s any changes then that involves ISO documentation review as well. and not to mention some other documentations to be altered too.
those are the core jobs. with just 70 people, the place i work strive to be a world class place. that involves 5S, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), ISO certifications, safety awards and many other awards and recognitions. so again with this 70 people, the jobs are segregated. put out those 4 managers and the 4 sr engineers. those in the execution level are again leaders of many committees and many task forces. and when it comes to event handling, again this execution level are the ones leading the pack. why not the bosses? because they had to attend and handle other stuff especially on deciding bigger matters. i have to agree that they do have that responsibility. but why not the lower ranks? can’t they lead anything? why must they always be the ones following and waiting for instructions. this im not sure. perhaps after sometime we could change this.
and every once a while we are sent for courses to improve our technical skills. sometimes its not even a technical course. for few days. and for that few days i can run away from office work. but that would pile up once i come back. meetings? yup on some occasions i’d have to attend. that gave me better networking and views on what’s currently happening at other places… some take days as well..

jadi kenapa aku selalu kata aku sibuk?

baru-baru ini hujung minggu aku terisi dengan pelbagai aktiviti rakan-rakan. bulan lepas aku panjat Bukit Broga. kejap je. sejam sambil jalan-jalan. tapi next day aku pengsan. mungkin sebab penat sangat. balik dari Broga sibuk dengan keluarga dan x rehat langsung. sibuk menayang gambar-gambar engagement kepada ahli keluarga.. kemudian aku dan kawan-kawan panjat Gunung Nuang. uh itu penat.. 4 jam naik. 3 jam lebih turun. super penat. tapi puas. bile a1mran balik, aktiviti bertambah. selalunya setakat pool di SS15. tapi kali ni bersemangat nak mandi sungai. 1st attempt ke Sungai Pertak dekat Kuala Kubu Bharu. seminggu kemudian ke Air Terjun Gabai. sangat best tapi seriously penat. it would’ve been nicer if more friends could join and if si dia ada bersama..

keep on reading. enjoy d blog. have fun!


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