syafeerul: My 2010 (June-Dec) Game Review

Demon's Souls

Demon’s Souls
Genre: RPG
Gameplay: pure RPG, hit and slash. create a character and develop from time to time to become the best demon slayer. u need to be good with button smashing with this game.
Graphics: old. not as good as i expected.
Worthiness: i must say this depends. if you’re into rpg, this might be very good. im not into pure rpg like this and its tough as hell.
Rating: 1/5
Why not 5?
haha.. have u ever read any reviews on this game? its always like 8 or 9 out of 10. amazingly high for such a game. somehow it was pretty bad for me. the graphic was way below my expectation. the gameplay was seriously tough. if im someone who have like 24-hours for gaming, perhaps i might enjoy this. but im a casual gamer. at times i might need some difficulties in playing but this is simply for the hard-core. bad game for me..  sorry.

Assassin's Creed II

Assassin’s Creed II
Genre: RPG
Gameplay: impressive upgrade from the previous AC. the gameplay was superb. this time we play as Ezio Auditore, descendant of Altair. there’s so much you can do in this game. we can play it high profile or perhaps quieter on certain situations. the word is open for you to play. haven’t really complete the game although the main mission is already done. there’s still templars and feathers to collect. impressive sequel to the previous game.
Graphics: awesome. if AC was excellent, this is even more.
Worthiness: 100% worth buying no doubt.
Rating: 5/5
Why not 5?
its 5..

Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2
Genre: FPS
Gameplay: strategy shooting. the storyline was awesome. the control was nice and smooth. sound was superb all over.
Graphics: impressive graphics. detailed enough.
Worthiness: worth buying as its very good for online gaming.
Rating: 4/5
Why not 5?
its offline was quite short. despite having such impressive storyline yet it was too short. the online was impressive.

each game was given a rating. that was my rating from my own point of view. i played the game and i judge how i felt about them.

5: best game i’ve played. i’m totally satisfied with gameplay, graphics, in-game control and cut-scenes.
4: a nice game but lacks at least one of the quality mentioned above.
3: considerable game but too much flaw on either of the qualities or maybe lacking at least 2 of that.
2: quite ok game but not up to my expectation in many ways.
1: regret buying the game as it lacks so much of my expectation.

two games completed in the run of 6 months. not bad i guess. the other was dump quarter-way. MW2 and AC2 was awesome buy. DS was too hard for me. then i decided to let it go. so now im left with GT5P which is yet to complete. and i’ve purchased NFS: Shift. GT5P might need few more races before i completely finish it. Shift is already half-way. both game have been impressive so far. with my G25 already in action with a new table setup which is more stable and firm.

my Xbox 360 is now back in action. Microsoft sent out the unban update to all hdd banned earlier. so now im back with gaming on that console. any new games completed? none.. still playing the FIFA11 now. perhaps next 6 months i’ll update on this.

next on my wishlist:

  1. Gran Tourismo 5
  2. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
  3. Call of Duty: Black Ops

7 responses to “syafeerul: My 2010 (June-Dec) Game Review

    • haha nope.. i tried and tried again and again. it was damn hard. its tailored to great gamers. sadly im still not at par. maybe someday later.. haha

  1. reez below par?since when?haha…aku tgh men AC skrg…1 and 2 beli on bargain…wey nnt aku beli GT5 ko beli AC brotherhood atau Call of Duty kte swap…ok?

    • GT5 aku nk beli. tp x beli2 lagi.. tunggu org bg pressie kat aku. hahaa.. aku simpan racing games. AC dua2 aku ada. COD da main. bole la.. x best sgt. Brotherhood tu ok gak. nnt aku usha if ada games lain yg best2..

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