syafeerul: Lenovo Ideapad Y470

a new addition.. welcome to our newest member of syafeerul’s family – the Lenovo Ideapad Y470.

Lenovo Ideapad Y470

Lenovo Ideapad Y470

after months of search and surveys, finally i came to a stop when i saw this. it fits my needs and my budget. although this actually exceeds my needs but it surely meets the budget. hence that comes to a worthy buy..

so what’s all that so special about this lappy? it seems normal though only that this monster packs numerous high specs. enough to woo a person like me. im not looking for a monstrous gaming laptop like alienware which costs a bomb. im looking for something useful for at least some simple HD video editing. its best if i go towards apple’s brand but here in Malaysia, using Apple is way too hard. im going to also need this for work. that’s a big minus point if i chose mac OS.

so what’s under the nice lovely keyboard (owh it’s worth to mention that the keyboard do feel very nice and very convenient to type)…

processor: i7-2630m
i was looking for i5 in the first place. that would be sufficient enough for video editing. dual-core i5 would be somewhere within my budget. but Y470 packs in i7.. plus its quad-core.. 😀

dedicated graphic module/car
i do not need a very high and powerful dedicated graphic card. sufficient with just a moderate with 1GB of VRAM. perhaps an NVIDIA GT520 would be good enough. yet Y470 packs in NVIDIA GT550. and did i mention 2GB?

lappy’s these days mostly came in equipped with a 4GB of RAM. so did Y470. but when u did some extensive research and survey, u’d come to shops that are willing to pack you with an extra RAM. i got this to 8GB.

those are the 3 most important things that i look and search for my new lappy. i also took a peek to get a 7200rpm HDD but the price was way out of budget for lappy’s equipped with this. there’s HDMI port and there’s 2 USB 3.0. might not be that useful today but in the near future, this could be one of the nicer things to have. owh it’s 14″ anyway.. i was looking for a smaller and lighter lappy but none with the proper specs stayed within my budget. the Y470 came in pre-loaded with windows 7 home premium. good enough for my daily usage. i chose not to take any free gifts to reduce the price. even if i took those gifts wouldn’t make my life any easier. mouse, mousepad, cooler and some small simple stuff which i don’t bother to have any.

my first two days so far have been very good. and hopefully much more wonderful years ahead..