syafeerul: world of football

european leagues for 2011/2012 season ended a week ago. full of drama this season. sadly only one of my favorite clubs ended with a silverware. the rest had a great season but fall dramatically at the end.

 my favorite club of all time. they had a though season. with injuries to key players and absence of star players. scholesy was called back to fill the void when fletcher carrick anderson, all injured.

the season saw emergence of cleverly, welbeck.. great young players. although they had a difficult season, they did well, being top towards season end. only a flop at everton costs them the title. man city dramatically wins with goals in injury time.. who would’ve though that.. anyhow man city did well. and they deservedly win the title.

manchester united need to come stronger next season. they need to strengthen the squad. i hope fergie would have something in mind for next season.. great fight. great season. see you guys again next season..

its quite weird when the bavarian didn’t win the title. they’re always the strongest team in bundesliga. but this season borussia dortmund proved otherwise. the  bavarian finished second. fair enough, the winning team played better game through the season. but the most unsatisfying fact was that when they lost to chelsea in the champions league finals. it would’ve been acceptable should chelsea played better. but the blues was defensive for the whole game. the bavarian should’ve won the game.. yet lady luck was not on their side. next season i hope.. 

 in serie A, juventus have always been my favorite. the old lady finally won the scudetto. last season they worked hard, building up the understanding between new and old players. this season they came strong and won the title.

but this would be the last for club’s greatest player Alessandro Del Piero. he played his last game with Juve and he now hangs his boots. i must say, despite his small physical appearance compared to most top players today excluding messi, he was one of the italy’s finest forward. juventus will miss him dearly next season. wish someone would be able to replace him.

congrats juve on a great season. and to del piero, thanks for your great service to the club.

in france, montpellier surprisingly won the title. i didn’t follow ligue 1 very often but i didn’t expect them to win. here i’d watch lyon, marseille and auxerre.. none won anything. and auxerre was bottom.. nothing much to say for this league i guess.

a great rivalry between the giants in la liga saw real madrid finally winning the title. they both had a great season. a neck to neck fight throughout the season. if you ask, i’m not supporting any club here. i do watch real madrid and valencia though.. but no favorite ones here..

the season was a dramatic one. on of the greatest season i must say. and now EURO2012 awaits.. let’s see who’s the champion of europe! 

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