syafeerul: 121212

The last repetitive date. Nothing special planned for the day and nothing special happened.

999 – people say its the devil’s day. but it was fine with me..

101010 – to some it was their biggest day. it could be the biggest surprise, biggest excitement or maybe biggest mistake. to me, that day was one of my greatest day. that day never fades. no matter what happened, i’m proud that i manage to have that day in my life.

111111 – i never took any dates seriously after the previous date. too much work. the rest, let them be.

121212 – the last repetitive date. still the same like the previous year. enjoyed being busy at work.

i wished that something would happen that’ll change things. but up to this day. from one task to another, it’s just work. nothing more. maybe i’ve tried but what’s really there if there’s no feel in that. lost that a long time ago. never recovered. never did. but will never stop trying. one day perhaps. iAllah.