syafeerul : #gazaunderattack

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tweet them, retweet and keep posting it. make it grow billions. show the hatred towards this cruelty. such barbaric acts that goes beyond imaginable thoughts. if for once we remembered how difficult it was for the jews during nazi’s time, now feel it today how to live as palestinians with this cruel israel.

read this if there’s time,

see how they had to live from day to day.

Ya Allah, please help these oppressed people of Palestine. Protect them from the cruelty of the Israelis. Ameen.

syafeerul: World Cup 2014

Both my long time favorite minus the Czech Republic qualified to the semi-finals. Holland played a good tournament only to lose to Argentina. Losing by a shoot-out. That’s luck. Anyhow they got there by shoot-out so there’s not much to say on this either. Gotta try again next 4 years. Hopefully by then there would be the next Robben coming up.
And Germany won the title for the fourth time. Great game. Great tournament. They played well and deservedly won.
But this team needs rebuilding. Bunch of the lads might have another 3 or 4 years of prime time. We need fresh blood for the next jump. Anyhow it was one hell of a great world cup. not the one to be missed.
Yet, despite the beautiful game, we were all thrown into terror of Israel.. War criminal. Next post on this..