The drone that I’ve been waiting for is finally out. Delivery will only start in mid October. In which I think will be here in November. But the hype and craze is already up and about for the past one week. This is the best consumer drone in the market as of now.

In a sentence:

The first high quality imaging smart drone that you can bring along for travel without carrying extra luggage.

High quality imaging – capable to take good picture and video.
Smart drone – active tracking, follow-me, smart cinematic camera movement (dolly, crane), one-man operator camera
Easy on luggage – foldable, small in size

There’s tons of review being made. DJI made a smart move by handing pre-launch units to quite a number of highly-rated youtubers and vloggers. The normal marketing strategy would be to hand out to journalist of famous sites such as CNET, TECHRADAR, etc. But when its on the hands of youtubers and vloggers, the hype became much more than expected.

If you’re considering to buy one. Head to DJI Store.

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