The drone that I’ve been waiting for is finally out. Delivery will only start in mid October. In which I think will be here in November. But the hype and craze is already up and about for the past one week. This is the best consumer drone in the market as of now.

In a sentence:

The first high quality imaging smart drone that you can bring along for travel without carrying extra luggage.

High quality imaging – capable to take good picture and video.
Smart drone – active tracking, follow-me, smart cinematic camera movement (dolly, crane), one-man operator camera
Easy on luggage – foldable, small in size

There’s tons of review being made. DJI made a smart move by handing pre-launch units to quite a number of highly-rated youtubers and vloggers. The normal marketing strategy would be to hand out to journalist of famous sites such as CNET, TECHRADAR, etc. But when its on the hands of youtubers and vloggers, the hype became much more than expected.

If you’re considering to buy one. Head to DJI Store.


Hi all,

After such a long time.. I’d have to come back and resurrect this blog of mine. the last post was in July 2014.. 2 years plus ago.. a lot had happened..

Even the interface had changed a lot.

Back in those days, people blogs.. now people vlog! My daily routine now is browsing the Youtube, Vimeo.. there’s tons of useful info and its on video.. its much easier describing things on video compared to in writing.. duh..

I love video editing and making vids.. only that its for my ownself and family viewing.. huhu kinda stupid when you invest so much but not making any profit out of it. anyhow it was just for the fun of doing it.. passion in a word..

So on this post.. I want to do 2 things:


So here goes objective 1: WHY I CAME BACK?

Time has been so limited this days. When people says, time flies fast.. this is it. There’s so many things to catch and do through the day and at the end you still end up missing out on few things. So here’s me writing back, so that one day I can get back and see that I’m here.. still writing. At least able to write stuff… Time will always move. Its us that needs to prioritize and do things one at a time.

This blog used to be where I pasted things from the internet for my reference.. but there’s thousands of ways to keep this info nowadays. there’s POCKIT READER, ONE NOTE, EVERNOTE.. numerous apps available either online of offline.

I guess the direction of this blog needs to change. It’ll be my personal views on things. Perhaps reviews or maybe updates on current news.. Nothing much of anyone’s interest I guess. Don’t even know if there’s still reader.

So yeah.. I’m back so that I can keep the memories here.. Instead of just pasting stuff.. =P

Next, updates..

Chronologically speaking.. seriously a lot had happened.. 2014 was the year I got engaged to my long time best friend Zymh.. and we tied the knot by end of the year. The whole 2014 was very much spent on planning and getting through our big day. A month before our big day, my dad caught dengue and was resting at home for almost two weeks. My mom got it right after my dad and she was hospitalized for few days. Both got well just a week before the wedding day. Despite some hiccups along the way, we got through it fine and happy. Alhamdulillah.

2015 came and it was another busy year. I never thought it was going to be this travel-busy. We started with a short trip to Koh Lipe.. small but such beautiful island in South Thailand. Zymh was then posted to Singapore for a month. I stayed there for a week and stroll the city when she’s at work. And then, there was an opportunity of a lifetime. Trip to Brazil. En route, had a long transit in Paris and Amsterdam where I covered few important places.. Brazil – was great. Crazy travel-by-land in South America. Sao Paulo – Rio – Foz Iguazu – Buenos Aires – Lima – Cuzco – Machu Picchu. Perhaps I’ll get to details when I have time someday. Not long later, Sydney. That was the last one as Zymh was already 6 months pregnant at that time.

February 2016 – the biggest day of my life. Never imagined its this amazing. Alhamdulillah both mother and son was healthy and happy.

Career-wise. I’m still here. I guess I’m getting comfortable being here. No Ir yet as of now but in the process. Very damn slow if you ask me. Plant was doing fine. Not much problems since 2015.

I guess that’s all for now. Perhaps I will do some reviews of the places I’ve been and maybe interesting things now..

To my dear readers.. (if there’s any), I guess I miss all of you. Feel free to text me or mail me. Still using the same number and email. Have fun and have a good day ahead!

syafeerul : #gazaunderattack

follow this


tweet them, retweet and keep posting it. make it grow billions. show the hatred towards this cruelty. such barbaric acts that goes beyond imaginable thoughts. if for once we remembered how difficult it was for the jews during nazi’s time, now feel it today how to live as palestinians with this cruel israel.

read this if there’s time,

see how they had to live from day to day.

Ya Allah, please help these oppressed people of Palestine. Protect them from the cruelty of the Israelis. Ameen.

syafeerul: World Cup 2014

Both my long time favorite minus the Czech Republic qualified to the semi-finals. Holland played a good tournament only to lose to Argentina. Losing by a shoot-out. That’s luck. Anyhow they got there by shoot-out so there’s not much to say on this either. Gotta try again next 4 years. Hopefully by then there would be the next Robben coming up.
And Germany won the title for the fourth time. Great game. Great tournament. They played well and deservedly won.
But this team needs rebuilding. Bunch of the lads might have another 3 or 4 years of prime time. We need fresh blood for the next jump. Anyhow it was one hell of a great world cup. not the one to be missed.
Yet, despite the beautiful game, we were all thrown into terror of Israel.. War criminal. Next post on this..

Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Elite Edition

Dear readers,

Just before the new year, I ventured into this new hobby. I’ve always wanted to buy an RC helicopter, and finally I took the leap of faith and bought one. This is not a heli per say, its quadcopter.


Parrot AR. Drone 2.0

This was an impulse purchase. I didn’t make any survey prior to purchase. That was so not me.. So as you can see from the picture above, included were the drone itself, indoor hull, outdoor hull, charger, battery, GPS recorder device, special tools to replace propellers and 4 extra propellers.

There’s no physical hardware for control. This drone must be controlled via phone or tablet. So its either iPhone, iPad, or any android devices. I’m using android so I downloaded the apps and straightaway jumps into playing.

Started with basic manoeuvre inside my house and one flight just outside my house. The drone was capable of video recording. I got so excited at first and was doing lots of aerial recording.

Few days later, as confidence level grew, I brought the drone to a nearby open field by the lakeside. I was thinking to get a better aerial footage. Started with low level control, then I moved further front and back. And then I decided that its time to take it to a greater height. I increased the elevation. It was almost 50 metres above when suddenly the drone flew to my right side as if following the wind direction. Then it rapidly decreases elevation and down in the nearby swamp. I can’t see the drone. Must’ve been floating but I can’t get there. Its too far from the lakeside. I can’t exactly see where the drone is.

It was just few seconds and there’s nothing I could do to regain control. I can still see the video feed coming from the drone but I can’t get there. It was only my 2nd flight outdoor. Pure stupidity.

Here’s my view based on less then a week with AR.Drone 2.0.

The drone: For that price, I was expecting a higher built quality of the hull. But once started, the hull’s presence can just be ignored. Some prefers flying without the hull attached. This helps the drone to accept heavier  load.

Control: Smartphone with gyro sensors and capacitive touchscreen looks an interesting combination. But controlling with this features were such dismay. Its hard to control it especially using the tilt function. At the end I opted for the on-screen thumb stick control. And that wasn’t best either. Control over WiFi was another issue as this drone flyaway situation is common amongst ARDrone owners. Surprisingly I’m not the first to experience this. Most users would’ve modified their drone to accept normal RC controller with physical sticks and buttons. This would also be using radio frequency to control hence allowing better control.

Video: The main reason I bought this was for the aerial videography ability. Despite the poised 720p HD capable, the image wasn’t anywhere near good. The video was grainy. Jello effect due to vibration was badly affecting the footage. The colour was not as sharp as I expected. But perhaps I was expecting too much out of a simple hobby drone. The video can only record straight ahead from the drone. This actually gives good fpv (first person view) while controlling the drone but quite useless in recording aerial to ground video. Hooking up the drone with a small camera, the likes of Go Pro Hero cameras, is not that recommended. Some users did the modification but since the drones limited max load ability hampers this approach. No audio recording was available with this drone but that’s not quite important as the motor’s noise would’ve been the most it would capture.

A bad start to a newfound hobby. Yet this won’t stop me from venturing further into this. Perhaps one day, a more careful approach before purchase and a more detail study on drone control before I clock hours on flights.

syafeerul: 2014

Dear All,

Happy New Year.
Welcome 2014.

Surprisingly, only 3 posts in 2013. Busy year I must say.

Being the “me” just like past few years, I’d say
“2013 ended in a very thoughtful manner. I learnt a lot from experiences every now and then. Hopefully the new 2014 brings more joy and happiness to us all.”

Truth is, that’s just bullshit. Enough with all these stupid lies and deceit and whatever shitloads that exists. Time has come for us to open up the eyes, widely open and see what’s coming.